Jamie’s Super Lunch

We were invited to try out the new Jamie’s Super Lunch Menu at Jamie’s Italian over the half term and couldn’t wait to go out as a family to see what they could cook up.


This brand new Super Lunch menu is available from12-6pm Monday-Friday and comes in at a brilliant £10.95 for two courses or £12.95 for three courses. Who could resist with those prices? Jamie’s Super Lunch menu makes it not only affordable to go out as a family but it also makes for a fun and tasty afternoon too.

As soon as we arrived, Isabella was given an activity pack full of goodies. She loves colouring and got to work straight away. However, when the colouring was over, she still had plenty to keep her occupied with as they had spinners and origami type games to make, she even fashioned a telescope out of her colouring in page. Isabella’s favourite thing in the pack though has to be the pack of seeds they gave us. She couldn’t wait to get home and plant her herbs. I thought this was a really sweet idea – simple but effective.

We decided not to get the children any starters as their main came with a side salad and their main course was bought out with our starters so that they didn’t get grumpy (and also so they’d finish around the same time as us!).


Isabella decided on the lemon chicken lollypops and hedgehog potatoes while we chose to get Benjamin the tomato and meatball pasta. The pasta was plentiful and delicious and Benjamin hoovered it down; Isabella’s chicken and potatoes didn’t go down as well though. Unfortunately the chicken was actually quite spicy and the potato didn’t look anything like a hedgehog, much to her distress. I have actually made potato hedgehogs before so she had a rough idea of what would arrive and when they just looked like normal potatoes she wasn’t as keen. I think as a main meal, there could have been more to the chicken dish. Despite this, Jamie’s Italian were brilliant and swapped Isabella’s meal for the meatball pasta to match Benjamin’s – when that arrived we had a very happy little girl again. Both of the children’s meals came with a salad pot which had a variety of mixed salad in; Benjamin thought it was great while Isabella was a little more for the pasta!

On to the adults’ meals, we both went for the Pate Bruschetta which was lovely – it was on a really thin and crispy bread so you didn’t get too full on it before the mains arrived. The pate was delicious and really tasty; the crispy bacon just added an extra flavour. I ordered the Tagliatelle Bolognese which was so yummy and full of flavour – I couldn’t fault it at all. Ed went for the Italian steak and Fries; the meat was cooked just as he liked it and was really tender too. The presentation of all the dishes was fantastic too and you could tell the time had been spend making each dish rather than feeling like it’s on a conveyor belt. We couldn’t leave without trying the pudding too so we both went for the Epic Brownie which was a warm fudgy brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramelised popcorn on top. I have never eaten something as delicious as this.


Overall the whole experience of trying Jamie’s Super Lunch was brilliant. The staff were very accommodating and made the children feel very welcome and the food was excellent too. For the four of us the meal came out at just under £50 with drinks included which to me, is a real win. Jamie’s Italian really do offer great food for perfect prices with their new Super Saver Lunch menu.

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