Odds Farm

IMG_5206Whether it’s a scorching summer or a rainy one, you know that you are going to need to entertain the kiddies with a few things here or there. One of the places local to me that I’d go to on either a hot or rainy day would be Odds Farm Park. I’m lucky enough to live close to this brilliant attraction and would certainly recommend it for a lovely day out.

It’s a really family friendly farm with a selection of animals to see (be aware that from time to time the animals go ‘on holiday’ so if you are going to see a particular animal, check on their website to ensure they are there! Some of the animals there are really rare and Odds Farm has been approved by the Rare Breed Survival Trust which means that you can glimpse some of those rare breeds not seen many other places.


The animals all look healthy and happy which is what you want to see when taking your children to see animals; they have large outside spaces and the staff are always looking out for their welfare. If you’re lucky and get to see some of the feeding/milking, it’s a great chance for children to learn as well as just pet the animals.


As well as the animals, odds farm has a fantastic outdoor play which includes a large sand and water area (bring spare clothes for the little ones to change into!), swings, tractor rides, motorised tractors and ride ons, crazy golf, adventure maze, go karts, sheep racing, egg collecting and more!. It’s perfect for keeping all of your tots entertained! We thoroughly enjoyed our day.


When it started to rain (sometimes I feel this is inevitable in our country!) we headed inside for a bite of lunch and some indoor play. Inside is a large soft play area with separate parts for the smaller babies/toddlers and some rather large and scary looking slides – we only braved the less scary looking ones!


I couldn’t actually believe how big Odds Farm was – but beware, you need to make sure you go all the way to the back as some people seem to miss a lot of  the amimals and play by not going in far enough.

There is somewhere to buy food and drinks inside, but if you want to bring your own, there are also quite a few picnic benches to make use of.


Overall a really enjoyable and lovely day out. If you live locally and are likely to go a few times, I’d recommend getting an annual pass as that’s £80 (2-16 years) and £86 (adults) compared to £12.50 (adults) and £11.50 (2-16 years) – babies under 2 go free. You can even pay monthly which works out as being £6.70 a month.


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  1. We’ve looked at going here before but thought it was further from us than it is – Only 40mins away! If you fancy a play date any time give me a shout, always up for exploring new places 🙂 x

  2. This sounds amazing. How lucky to have this nearby. Many thanks for sharing with the Monday #pinitparty. I have pinned.

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