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It’s safe to say that as a family, we are more than just a little bit Legoland crazy! Since Isabella was two-years-old, we’ve enjoyed family days at Legoland and have always enjoyed our time there. It could end up costing a fortune with ticket prices, food and hotel prices, let alone gift shop purchases. However, I’m always on the hunt for a good bargain and here’s how we managed to spend the night (as well as how we plan to spend summer days) visiting Legoland without spending a fortune.

Tesco Vouchers

Firstly, for the past three years, we have saved our Tesco vouchers religiously in order to turn them into Legoland Vouchers. You can redeem £28 worth of Tesco vouchers for a Legoland Premium Annual Pass; or if you just want to go once, you can redeem £13 of vouchers for a single day pass. With the Annual pass, you also get free parking at Legoland which would otherwise cost you £6 for normal parking or £10 for priority parking if you book online.

So having saved a small fortune on the actual entry price to the park (gate prices during peak time is £60pp) we then started looking at hotel prices. We originally looked at booking a night stay for Isabella’s birthday (which falls on the August bank holiday) but for a one night stay and park entry, we were looking at just over £500 for the four of us. It’s safe to say that we didn’t book. However, the more we visited, the more the children asked if they could stay in the hotel.

Splash and Stay

This is when I got researching. I found out that on selected weekdays throughout the year, the park is actually shut to visitors but the hotel is still open to book a ‘Splash and Stay’ visit at much cheaper prices. You can book for just £23pp! If you book for a Wednesday night stay (ensuring you have checked the park will be open the next day!), you can spend the night in the hotel, eat breakfast in the Bricks Restaurant, go for a swim in the pirate themes indoor pool and then go and spend the following day at your favourite Legoland attractions. You can ask for a special car park ticket and you can leave your car in the hotel car park the following day to make your stay even easier.

When we arrived at the Legoland hotel, we were slightly disappointed to hear that the Bricks Restaurant was actually shut that evening (even having pre-booked a table). We were still able to eat at the Skyline Lounge but we were not overly impressed with the service or the wait time that this offered. We waited over 45 minutes for some burgers (and drinks!) to arrive which with two small children isn’t ideal. Thankfully there was some entertainment in the area outside the restaurants so while my husband waited for the meals to arrive, we were able to sit and enjoy the entertainment.

The Room

The room itself was lovely – the children were so excited to arrive. We stayed in a Kingdom room. Isabella was just in awe at everything she saw. I think she was most excited to sleep in the bunkbeds. Both the children spent a long while looking round the room and playing with all the Lego features there were before going on their own mini treasure hunt for their free Lego gift.

The layout of the family room is good. You have the main section with the double bed and a small table in with space for luggage. This room has the view out over the lake and we were also able to see the new Castle Hotel and the Submarine ride from our room. You then have the bathroom which was a great size. Even in the bathroom there are Lego figures attached to the walls to carry on the theme. Opposite the bathroom is a small area with tea and coffee making facilities. The final space (and the space which is closest to the door) was the children’s space.

Although the space itself was lovely and there was plenty of room to sleep three children, it seemed a little odd to me that the children’s room was closest to the door. Even though we could lock the door with a twist lock so our youngest couldn’t open the door, Isabella would have been more than capable at 4 of unlocking the door and going outside. I would have liked to have seen a lock that was higher up the door completely out of the reach of smaller hands. The only other element that I would have liked was a partition door or screen that we could have pulled across the children’s space at night. Although you can upgrade (if there are enough rooms) to a deluxe room with separate room for children, it would be nice to have this option in all rooms. Isabella actually ended up staying awake until 9pm (she usually is asleep by 7:20pm) which meant that we had to be silent in our section of the room to save from keeping her awake even more.

Pirate Pool

The children woke nice and early (which we knew would happen) so we booked to go for a swim at 7am before breakfast. The pool was so quiet – it was lovely. The changing rooms were large and there was ample changing rooms for families. Inside, there are two sections to the pool. The children splash pool with mini slide and lots of Lego pirate features and then a regular pool for swimming;we had great fun in both. The pool and changing rooms were both clean and the water was beautifully warm. We were in the pool a good hour and could have stayed a lot longer had we not pre-booked breakfast in the Bricks Restaurant. Towels were provided so you don’t have to worry about packing extra.


Once dry and in our clothes for the day, we headed over to Bricks restaurant and enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet. We were greeted with mini pancakes and waffles, offerings of a full English, or had we been feeling healthier, there was a range of fruit and cereals on offer too. We absolutely loved the food there – and would definitely recommend it over the Skyline Lounge for younger families. You could help yourself to all the food and drink you wanted and we were seated immediately.The only thing we missed out on trying was the ice-cream!

The Park

The park itself was so quiet on this particular day we went on everything we wanted to more than once. To make it better, we were allowed in to the park 30 minutes earlier than the park usually opens so queued up for Coastguard HQ which can get quite busy. We actually ended up going on the ride 3 times in a row as it was so quiet.

Making our way around the park, we even managed to get on Laser Raiders without queuing more than 5 minutes too – usually this ride has queues of over an hour so we don’t often make it on there.

After Laser Raiders, Isabella went and got her driver’s licence at the Lego City Driving School because there wasn’t a queue on this one either. We really did have pick of the rides.

There are some fantastic rides here and with the new Ninjago world opening this weekend, there’s surely something to suit everyone. One thing that I have noticed though is that some of the rides (more so those that are aimed at the smaller children) are starting to get a little tired. Fairy Tale Brook is one of the children’s favourite rides and sadly, since last year, we’ve noticed a couple of things on this ride. The first thing to go was the green lighting that used to be in the cave – although this doesn’t affect the ride, it is a shame that it hasn’t been fixed. This time round, Isabella noticed one of the wolves from the ride had been completely removed. I’m hoping it’s in for repair rather than a more permanent loss.

After a long day, we jumped in the car and headed for home. We had packed so much I and had such an amazing break that for the first time in over 2 years, Isabella even fell asleep on the way home.

Although we didn’t use the Duplo Valley Splash pad this time round, we used t just two weeks previously. It’s a great space that we’ve never found too busy. It’s a great way to cool off on warmer days and so much fun too!

A few more pics from our visit(s)!


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