Parent and Baby Cinema

Do you feel like you don’t get the chance to see any of the latest releases? Then why not take your little one to the cinema? Empire Cinema (High Wycombe-as well as a few others) have a parent and baby screening on a Monday morning at 11am.

It’s a relaxed setting with the lights up and the sound softened and somewhere no one minds if you need to feed or change your baby during the film. Admittedly you see more mothers and babies but fathers are also more than welcome; in fact it might be something nice that you can do together as a family.

You can only attend the parent and baby screenings if – you guessed it – you have a baby between 0-2 years old! So everyone is in the same position. This makes the atmosphere much more relaxed. Baby changing facilities are also available.

The only negative I can think of is that there is no choice. Empire pick one of the week’s films to show and that’s that. But this is really just a small niggle.


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