Reasons I’d love to take the children to Tenerife

I’ve been to Tenerife a couple of times over the years; as a teenager with my family and with the girls for my hen party and both times were fantastic but for very different reasons.

As a teen, one of my favourite memories from our holiday to Tenerife was cycling down Mount Teide. It was so much fun and the whole family enjoyed it. The volcano last erupted over 100 years ago and is one of the largest volcanoes in the world; it is such a unique experience. You cycle over 2000 meters above sea level and can go at your own pace though I seem to remember my brother and I trying to speed down as quickly as we could. My poor mum got a flat tyre about a mile before the end and had to take a ride in the minibus for the final stretch.

We also had great fun at the water park there although I think it has changed now and loved lazing on the beautiful beaches. We stayed in Los Cristianos and had such a lovely time that I’d like to go back just with my own children this time. We haven’t taken Benjamin abroad yet and I think this would be the perfect place to travel to. 

Tenerife has great weather all year round

which makes it a fantastic choice for taking small children. My two don’t get on overly well when it’s too hot and there’s nothing worse than trying to cheer up a grumpy child in the excruciating heat when you’ve planned a lovely holiday. We would look at going to Tenerife when it was slightly milder but still warm enough to enjoy the sun, sea and sand! To be honest, even if you went in December, you’d still see the sun!

Lots of the hotels and restaurants are family friendly and there are lots of kids activities and clubs to keep them entertained if they don’t enjoy being out in the sun to long. I’d love to try out Siam Water Park as there are rides for the whole family, even the small ones. Siam Park is one of Europe’s largest waterparks and has rides ranging from your thrill seeking 28m vertical drop to your more relaxing Mai Thai lazy river (I’d quite like to try them both!).

The scenery is also a huge draw for me.

There is so much to visit if you like exploring. You have beaches, mountains, tropical forests and more. Because the island isn’t too big, you can easily explore as much or as little as you like too. You could even go on a boat trip and search for whales and dolphins. I remember this being such a thrill as a child and I’d love for my two to experience this too.

Have you ever been to Tenerife? What would you recommend doing with the kids?


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