Take your little one to Winter Wonderland

parkA fun family day out in Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park.

Because my baby is still so small, this trip was more for me and the hubby… ok, just me, but we all had a great day. We went on Monday and it wasn’t too busy at all. There was a great atmosphere and has helped to make baby’s first Christmas that little bit more special.

We were going to travel by train but decided to would be just as cheap/expensive to drive and park under Hyde Park. The drive was really easy and we managed to get there without having to pay congestion charge too which was a bonus. There were plenty of parking spaces to choose from and we felt stress free and excited when we arrived. Winter Wonderland itself was a couple of minutes walk from the car park.

SantaWhen we arrived, we headed straight for Santa Land to go and meet Santa. I have heard that the queue can get really long but we were only queuing for about 10 minutes which was great. The Santa there was okay but I have seen better; however, you don’t pay to see Santa and get a small gift from him so I guess you can’t really complain! The Grotto is outside but very well dressed – I guess you just have to be careful if it’s raining. You can either take your own pictures or there is a photographer there taking pictures that you can buy later.

After we had taken a few pictures with Santa (and an unimpressed Isabella) we had a walk around and went on a couple of the tame rides. There is plenty to do here, even if you do have a baby. My only concern would be that little ones would want to go on so many things and costs could creep up quickly. The stalls are lovely and reasonably priced too so you can pick up a few little gifts if you need to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

ice2We took Isabella into the Magic Ice Kingdom and as long as you take warm clothes (it gets down to -8) it’s really beautiful. I can imagine it gets very busy on the weekend so booking tickets is essential for this as well as the other attractions (Ice Skating and Zippos Circus).

There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or a warm drink and everyone is really friendly too. The place itself was kept very clean and there was always someone around to ask any questions.

The baby changing facilities were fantastic. When I saw the cabins used for toilets, I didn’t think they would be that great but when I went inside, I was pleasantly surprised. They were warm and comfortable with 6 different changing stations, all with a changing mat, bin, paper towels and antibacterial hand gel. There never seemed to be a queue and once inside, there was plenty of space.

I would say that Winter Wonderland has managed to cater for everyone from babies to adults and is somewhere to go for a great wintry family day out.


  1. Phil graham says:

    I have heard so much about the Hyde park from so many friends of ours,basically they all say that it is a lovely day out to spend time there with the children,plenty to do,we live in birmingham so it’s dead easy for us to jump the train and the train costs are reasonable so it’s not that expensive a day out to spend in london,we’ve been saying for a while that we’d go as a family to have a day at Hyde park and maybe stay overnight,reading the above article has just strengthened our thoughts and we will def look into planning the day out or maybe two days,will have to be when the weathers a bit better though,well done to (whatmummythinks)

  2. fab wee day out

  3. May I know how many tame rides are baby friendly? My LO is 8 months old, do you think he would be able to get on any ride at all? How many tokens we need to buy approximately? Thanks

    • We didn’t go on any rides but my little one was a bit younger than yours. The grotto was a must and I’m sure there would be a couple of rides your little one could go on but we didn’t check age restriction when we were there I’m afraid.

  4. Hello, my daughter in law have a baby he has 5 months but she would like to know if there have a diaper changer if someone know about it, 😊 thanks, Jucineia

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