The Cake That Made Christmas

Christmas is coming round quickly now and for lots of us it is easy to get caught up in the moment of buying lots of presents and spending lots of money on toys, gifts and food. I know I have been one of those crazed parents on the hunt for a Hatchimal because that’s the one gift my eldest has latched onto this year.

While I know that Christmas isn’t about the presents, to my 4-year-old who very much believes in Father Christmas and the magic surrounding Christmas, I wouldn’t feel right not at least trying to get her the one present she has asked Father Christmas for.

Giving this Christmas

However, that said, I don’t want her to grow up thinking that Christmas is just about giving and receiving presents. I very much want to instil the idea that being kind, generous, thoughtful and spending time with people is what’s most important.img_1535

Isabella very much wants to get people she cares about gifts this Christmas to say thank you for always being there for her, to show she cares about them and because she sees it as a kind thing to do. That being said, as she is only 4, she doesn’t receive any pocket money and unless she asks us for money, wouldn’t be able to buy anything. So with no money but a bucketful of imagination, I asked her what gifts she could give.

Originally, the most obvious answer came out and she thought she could give her toys to people but quickly realised that this wouldn’t necessarily work, especially with the adults. So she got to thinking and decided she could make gifts; she would like to draw pictures for people, make cards and also loves the idea of baking for people too.img_3414

Get Baking with Your Little Ones

After showing her this beautiful e-book from Whitworths, Isabella was so incredibly enthused by the idea of baking that she wanted to start then and there. After explaining that we would also need to bake closer to Christmas for the goodies to last, we both decided a practice run was a fantastic idea and got straight to baking cookies.

Both the children love helping in the kitchen, but sometimes, it’s the last place you want children – especially when you’re just home from work and you’re trying to rush and throw together a family dinner. But baking is something we can all do together and it’s something we all enjoy too; we just need to remember to carve a little time out of our daily routine to enjoy these moments.img_5812

I am certainly going to be encouraging creativity in the kitchen over Christmas and might even attempt to start a little Christmas tradition of baking gingerbread houses or a Christmas cake! Do you have any Christmas traditions that get your little ones involved in baking? I’d love to hear what you get up to!

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  1. we always love making biscuits and small sweets at Christmas – we mix up what we make in to small bags and give them as gifts. Baking with the kids at Christmas is such a lovely thing to do – we’ll always remember it! Looks like you have some lovely traditions and memories in the making here.

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