The Gruffalo’s Child by Tall Stories: Review

Tall Stories the children’s theatre charity has hit the Wycombe Swan with it’s wonderful adaptation of The Gruffalo’s Child. Set in the Gruffalo’s cave and the deep dark wood, the Gruffalo’s Child learns just how brave she really is.

Most children know the story of the mischievous Gruffalo’s Child who ignores her dad’s warning of the deep dark wood and Tall Stories has taken this wonderful and award-winning story, Tall Stories has added in some music and magic with a little dash of humour too to make it a wonderful show for children over 3.

The set is very simply and effectively crafted with the Gruffalo’s Cave turning around to create the backdrop of deep dark wood. As well as the background, there are two moving trees and few moving stumps to keep your children captivated within the story; they will feel like they are going on the journey with the Gruffalo’s Child.

The Gruffalo's Child - Tall Stories

With just three actors, the whole show has been carefully considered to create a fun and entertaining show on a small scale which is perfect for small children. The songs and dancing are catchy and engaging and will have your little ones wiggling and joining in.

<h1>Scary and Charming</h1>

Although at times the show might be a little scary for smaller viewers, the charm of the Gruffalo’s Child wins over and they will soon be smiling again. Benjamin (3) was a little scared of the Gruffalo to begin with but all too soon he was immersed into the story and shouting out along with the rest of the children. Isabella (5) loved the show from start to finish. She couldn’t take her eyes off the play even though she seemed worried when the Big Bad Mouse made an appearance.

The humour didn’t go amiss either; some jokes where there for the adults but there was plenty to keep the children laughing along too. Benjamin especially liked the toilet humour at the start of the show!

The 55 minute show time goes very quickly as you follow the Gruffalo’s Child on her journey but it’s probably just the right length of time for smaller viewers.

There’s still time to join the Gruffalo’s Child on her terrifying adventure and you can book tickets here. The show is running until 6th June when it will move on to The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton on the 7th-9th. You can see a full list of tour dates here

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