Tiny Talk Baby Signing


I first got the idea about signing with my little one from one of the Baby Sensory classes I attended with my daughter. I really liked the idea of being able to communicate with my daughter and understand her needs and wants before she could talk so I looked into a few baby signing classes.

I came across Tiny Talk and they are one of the only baby signing classes who actually use British Sign Language which I thought was really impressive. So I decided to go along to a class and see what it was all about.

Well we have been going to Tiny Talk in Marlow for 6 weeks now and I LOVE IT! It’s fun and engaging for the babies and very informative for the parents. The classes are aimed at mum/dad learning the signs and doing them at home with baby on a regular basis.

The atmosphere in the classes is relaxed and friendly and everyone seems to enjoy themselves. Babies and parents get to sing, sign and play while signing and learning.

Most babies will be able to sign from about 6-9 months and this can help ease the frustration between parent and baby and can bridge the gap of communication before baby can speak.

My daughter is 5 and a half months now and I’m sure she now signs milk when she gets frustrated and thinks I’m not understanding what she wants. I know some people are sceptical and think I am seeing what I want to see but regardless of this, she certainly understands the sign when I sign milk to her; her face breaks out in a huge grin before she starts to get impatient for her feed.

I think that signing with your child will not only help in terms of communication but it can also help you create a wonderful bond with your baby; the eye contact you have with your baby when signing and singing helps you really understand each other. Isabella laughs, giggles and watches me sign with her beautiful big eyes whenever we are at a signing class and I have even noticed that when we are home, she watches what I am doing with my hands.

I can’t recommend the session any more. If you want to lean, have fun and meet fantastic new people, Tiny Talk is the class for you.

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