When thoughts turn to holidays…

imageWith thoughts of going on our first holiday since Isabella was born, my thoughts have not turned to swimwear and armbands! I haven’t even booked the holiday yet but already I’m internet shopping/browsing to see what’s available and what I might need to buy to keep my toddler safe, especially if she’s going to swim.


The first thing I thought about was the sun suits you can buy; I don’t know about your little one but I can’t imagine Isabella sitting still long enough for me to apply sun cream properly so I thought I’d invest in one of the two piece sun protection suits for when she’s in the water as I won’t be as worried about her getting sunburn.


Next up I’m looking at hats (as long as she will keep it on her head!). The first battle would have to be whether or not I can find a hat with a tie under the chin… Last year I managed but now we’re into  toddler sizes, I’m not sure I’ll be as lucky. However, I have seen the sun protection hats from Zoggs which would cover her neck and would be perfect for when she’s splashing around in the water.

zoggs 2

For just a fun and colourful range of childrens swimwear, Zoggs have quite a large selection on their website  and currently they are on offer (always a bonus!) and most are half price.


The next thing for the shopping list will be some sort of buoyance aid. I’ve heard quite negative things about blow up armbands so I thought I’d try the swim jacket or float disc arm bands as I’ve heard more positive things about these.


Almost but not quite forgetting about swim nappies… I used to have the neoprene swim nappy which worked really well when Isabella was tiny but I think I’ll just go with the disposable ones this time round.


zoggsMoving on to me… Now I love my bikini’s but feeling slightly more self-conscious than I previously have, I think I’m going to opt for a tankini or something similar. I’ve had a couple of tankini’s that just seem to ride up in the water but I’ve found the Clancy Swim Dress which although it looks like a two-piece, is actually an all in one and also allows you to choose how much thigh I’d like to cover. Even better than this, it too is currently half price! I’m sure the hubby can’t complain at these prices! Here are a great selection of swimming costumes for mummy and children.


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