First half term of shool: done!

It’s been a whole half term for Isabella at Big School. I can’t believe her first half term of school is done – although I have noticed a huge change. From worrying about how my little August baby would cope to knowing she’s happy and settled is a wonderful feeling.  

Reading: First Half Term of school

So what’s changed?

She’s grown up a lot. I know that seems like a really obvious one but having been around older children and just being in a school setting, she seems to have taken on more responsibility and just somehow seems more grown up.  

We’ve had a few more tantrums – an odd one to admit but I guess the long days sometimes take their toll and she can become over tired and more likely to tantrum over nothing. This started to lesson as the weeks progressed, though I know we aren’t clear from them just yet!

Excitingly, she is learning to read. As one of the youngest in the year, I didn’t really expect her to read this early on. The school always said they would only start reading with the children when they showed an interest and were ‘ready’. Isabella has always loved us reading to her but before school, she had never showed any interest in wanting to read herself so this was a lovely plus for the first half term. She loves reading to her brother. 

Learning to read

As well as being able to write her own name in lower case, (before school she could only really write in capital letters and could only spell her name) she can now also write Mummy, Daddy, Benjamin and Nana without being prompted.

Drawing, painting and crafting has always been a love of Isabella’s and being at school is no different. She’s really started to explore drawing people and animals and is actually getting quite good. She loves cutting and sticking and generally any crafting. 

drawing at 4

Things she has loved the most

This one is easy. Making friends. Isabella has made some lovely new friends; she has really enjoyed going to school and getting the chance to explore new friendships. I, like many parents, was slightly worried as Isabella was joining a completely new school away from all her pre-school friends. Starting fresh when other children already know each other can be hard but I guarantee that the parents are more worried than the children at this age. Isabella talks about many of her class friends and enjoys going to school to play with them. In fact, she seemed a little upset that she wasn’t going to school this half term week!


  1. Oh I’m pleased it’s going well. It is here too. She’s doing so well, especially for an August baby. Arlo is December and isn’t able to write as much!

    • I think that’s also a boy thing though? I’ve noticed a huge difference between my two. Isabella could talk a lot at 19 months and Benjamin mostly I know but it is interesting seeing the differences early on isn’t it! I hope Arlo is enjoying school? x

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