Get your baby to sleep through the night

A brilliant how to guide on ‘how to get your baby to sleep through the night’. This has to be one of the questions I hear most as a parent and so I thought I’d share my wisdom.

get your baby to sleep through the night
Are you sleep deprived and desperate for a solid night’s sleep? Have you had enough of feeling so tired that you didn’t even notice you did the school run in your slippers? Look no further- here are some simple steps you can take to ensure a decent sleep!

Simple Steps

  1. Firstly, make sure your baby is full to bursting from milk. I mean, literally offer them milk continuously the hour before bed and then top them up again just before you put them down (you know, just to be sure!).
  1. Read them a calming story or two with their energetic sibling bobbing up and down and all around you desperate not to miss out on a story before laying them gently in their cot and shooing out the over energetic sibling into their own room.
  1. Ensure there are no comforters / dummies or toys of any sort in the cot that they might use as a sleep aid (sleep aids are really just a long term hindrance). Just tell them to shut their eyes, its bedtime- they’ll soon learn! I mean we don’t use sleep aids, do we? A pillow surely doesn’t count!
  1. Switch on a lullaby machine or white noise (or both) in the hope that it will distract them long enough for you to get out of the room. Rest a small beanbag/pillow on their lower back so they think you’re still in the room and then just ninja crawl/roll out of the door unnoticed.
  1. Go downstairs and start reading one of the many, many books with contradictory methods of sleep training before your smallest realise you aren’t there and balls their eyes out. AGAIN.
  1. Go back upstairs. In your delirium, get confused between the cry it out, pick up put down, fading sleep training and chair method and just fall asleep in a chair pulled up to the cot with your arm dangling through the bars.


Your little one will now sleep through the night! They will sleep so soundly not stirring at all knowing you are right by their side and only asleep through the sheer exhaustion of parenthood. You can then all have a snuggle in the morning just so you can say you spent some time in your own bed!get your baby to sleep through the night

Keep in mind that you will reap revenge when your little one has to be woken to get ready for school and know that this ‘phase’ won’t last forever (even if it has lasted 19 months already!).


If you have any other tips for getting your baby to sleep through the night, I’d love to hear them. I’ve also written two post about ‘who needs sleep anyway’, if you’d like some more light reading on the topic! Or a more serious look at what you can do to help can be found here.


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