I love my kids but…


We all love our children unconditionally – we love them because they are lovely, funny, and kind and, well, because they are yours! But sometimes (and I know it can’t just be me) don’t you just want to hide away in a small dark space and stuff your face with all their sweets and snacks just to get through the next 10 minutes or do you ever get to the point where you just want to scream “LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME POO IN PEACE!” ?

Well I do know I’m not alone because I asked some other lovely bloggers to share their ‘I love my children but …’ moments. To start you off here are a couple of mine…

I love my children but when they wake up and the first word out of their mouth comes out as a whinge, it makes me want to scream.

I love my children but when they don’t listen to a word you say unless it involves a the word biscuit, snack or chocolate, I just want to tell them to do everything else for themselves too.

Jessica Atkinson says ‘I love my children…but if they ask me “why?” one more time I’m going to run away.’ www.thatmummyblog.com

Vikki Evans explains ‘I love my children but the moment hear ” mummy, I need you … runny Poo …. I’ve tried to wipe but …..” Yep. my heart sinks a little.’ www.familytravelwithellie.com

Rachel Cooper describes the moment when ‘I’ve picked up the jigsaw box and 10000 pieces of puzzle, I question how much I could get for them on eBay.’ www.coffeecakekids.com

Emily Peacock loves ‘my children, but when they just won’t give in and go to sleep they drive me maaaad!’ Http://www.emilyandindiana.com

Lynsey Ward says ‘I love my children but it annoys me when they get all their toys out and once and then don’t play with any of them!’ www.mummythatsme.com I can really relate to this one too, especially when they have friends over – it seems that they just want to touch and see EVERYTHING.

Amy Green – ‘I love my children but I would like to have my own things with no sticky paws touching/moving/trying to eat them!’ Www.thesmallestofthings.com

Cheryl Dodd loves her children ‘but would also love to go to the toilet without one of them stood outside asking me something that clearly can’t wait till I’ve had my pee!’ www.mummyof5miracles.com

Hannah Amphlett says ‘I love my child but I would love it if he slept through the night now – he’s nearly 18 months old!’ www.theamphletts.com We feel your pain here too – Benjamin was over 2 before he slept through the night.

Chelsey Lauren states ‘I love my child but the cheeky little foot to the eye situation as you’re too excited about Sesame Street makes me want to see if I can send you there to live!’ www.cecelauren.com

Nikki Turner-Chaplin – ‘I love my children but I wish I didn’t have to referee every time they bicker over the tiniest little detail!’ www.yorkshirewonders.co.uk I’m sure we’ve all been there!

Jen Mellor – ‘I love my son but I hate it when I go to the toilet and forgot to check the seat and he had left wee all of it…..wet bum aaaaahhhhh!’ Www.justaveragejen.com

Helen Gandy loves her children but ‘if I hear Peppa bloody Pigs theme tune ONE more time!! Arghhh!!’ Blogging Beautifully – www.allthebeautifulthings.co.uk

Sophie Clare Hull says ‘I love my children but could they stop following me whilst I’m on an important phone call? Mummy, Mummy, MUMMY!!!’ http://www.sophieandlily.co.uk They always seem to wait until you are on the phone don’t they!

Nicola Parkinson exclaims ‘I love my children but the moment you get in the bath they need to poo! Why? I asked you 5 seconds ago and you didn’t need one.’ www.ablogs-life.co.uk

Jodie Humphries- ‘I love my daughter, but I wish she would let me join in with Mini Disco, sing loudly in the car and dance like a loon in the kitchen when the radio is on without her her crying ‘no mummy, stop it mummy!’. And she’s only 5! Wait till she’s a teenager, I will really be able to embarrass her then!’ (Www.maidenheadmum.co.uk)

Chantele Cross-Jones says ‘I love my child but I would really appreciate it if he ate the food I made him and didn’t feed half to the dog and throw the other half on the floor!’ www.twoheartsoneroof.com

Cat Elizabeth – ‘I love my child but he can be the most annoying, draining little beast in the world. Sometimes I could actually cut off my own ears. Anyone that says parenting is easy tells fibs!’ www.Rockandrollpussycat.co.uk

Katie Davies lets us know that she loves my children ‘but I wish they would sleep in their own beds and past 5am!’ www.mummysdiary.co.uk

Lisa Clark – ‘I love my son but sometimes I don’t want to be touched. Just give me five minutes on my own! Goes for the cat and dog too.’ www.baremother.com

Nyomi Winter – ‘I love my children but why when both me and their dad are in a room with them do they ask me for everything they need. #askyourbloodydadforonce!’ www.nomipalony.com

Beth Owen – ‘I love my children but I wish they had a mute button sometimes so I can have some peace and quiet!’ Www.life-as-mum.co.uk

Frances Taylor says ‘I love my children but I’m glad wine exists!’ www.youhavetolaugh.com As we all do!!

Kate Fever –  ‘I love my children but I do wish I could have a shower without someone needing a wee/wanting a biscuit/asking me to play Paw Patrol.’ http://myfamilyfever.co.uk

Emma Reed  loves her child but sometimes ‘I really wish the word “why” didn’t exist! HTTPS://emmareed.net

Hayley Jones – I love my child but if he wipes snot on my clean clothes one more time…’ https://devonmama.com

So here’s a little list of the wonderfully annoying things that some of our children do… do you have anything you can add? What’s the thing that most annoys you?




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