IKEA’s Secret to Success

IKEA’s Secret to Success

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Do you want to know how IKEA became so successful? IKEA’s success was not done overnight. Its story begins way back in 1943. IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) was founded in the year 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. It was a mail-order Sales Business but gradually begun to sell furniture five years later. The first store of IKEA was opened in Smaland in the year 1958. Now, IKEA group owns 433 stores all over the world. IKEA stores are operated across 52 countries. German has the maximum IKEA stores in the world. Its concept is to provide a wide range of home furnishing products that are available to many people at affordable rates. This concept exists in every part of the company from design, sourcing, packing and distributing the products. 

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The vision of IKEA is to create a better everyday life for people throughout the world. IKEA’s business idea is to offer a wide range of well designed, furnishing products and functional homes at low prices. So, this way many people can afford the products and enjoy high-quality products at an affordable price. The main aim of IKEA is to help people live a better life and stay happy in their homes. This is what makes IKEA the World’s most successful retailer. 

Solving Issues in Buying Furniture

Before IKEA came into existence, people were investing in furniture as an asset which lasts for the next 20 years. IKEA made sure they design and produce products according to the taste of customers. And that too the products are available at affordable prices. This makes IKEA the leading retailer in the World.

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Ideology of Togetherness

Its Ideology of togetherness does not extend only to its customers but also to the experts. IKEA always collaborates with experts in the industry They always make sure that their products are at the cutting edge of tech. IKEA’s Home Smart Initiative is a great example of this. The Alliance between IKEA and Sonos is also an example of its Innovation through partnerships. It challenges its customers to think of IKEA not as just makers of just beds, sofas, tables, chairs, shelves but also as a provider of full package home.

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Easy to use and Easy to Assemble Formula

IKEA has developed a whole new range of products to simplify the assembling process. It has introduced flat-pack furniture by eliminating the need for bolts, Allen keys, and screwdrivers. A new type of joint called wedge dowel was designed by IKEA enabling furniture parts to snap together like a jigsaw puzzle. Due to this, the process of assembling becomes easier and quicker. It also prevents the damage of the products and delivers the products safely to the customer’s place. 

IKEA constantly looks for new ways to innovate in product design to make assembly and disassembly of the products easier for the customers. This makes the customers use the products easily. It also makes the process of assembly easy. You can go to this link here to know more about the packing of products. This is one of the reasons why IKEA is so successful.

Variety of Environmental Initiatives

IKEA always likes to let its customers determine their preferences and tastes in many aspects. They make sure to lead change where it is really necessary. Currently, they are spreading awareness on various environmental issues through many environmental initiatives to make it easier for homemakers to go green. Through its another amazing partnership with Big Clean Switch, IKEA is offering people to switch to cleaner and cheaper energy.

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Through this initiative, it spreads awareness on consuming less gas and electricity thereby helping people in saving money. It also promises 100% renewable energy through this initiative. All of the existing IKEA stores are now being equipped with solar panels. This shows their responsibility towards the environment.

Price is not Expensive and not too cheap

Prices are the key to revenues. Pricing plays a key role in attaining profits for any organization. IKEA tries its best to provide quality products for its consumers at affordable prices, which is one of the main reasons for its success. IKEA always says “Low Price but not any Price”. IKEA products are very affordable and they are unique too. One of the main reasons why people like buying products at IKEA is that it provides good packing.

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Ethics and its Social responsibility

IKEA’s Brand Image is the result of its work over 50 years by IKEA’s co-workers at various levels all over the world. IKEA always considers both the goals and interests of the company as well as its responsibility towards society. Because it believes the company is a part of society. 

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IKEA is involved in doing a lot of charitable activities. It is also associated with UNICEF. Having social responsibility is very important for any company. Having Ethics and Social Responsibility helps any company to communicate with its customers, government, stockholders, community and investors. IKEA has always proved that it is ethical and it is responsible for society.

IKEA has worked out its key to success and it is nothing other than its customers. IKEA put their customers at the heart of everything they do, and in turn, they get immense love from the customers making it a successful retailer in the world.

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