La Belle Assiette Private Dining Experience : Review

At the end of January I was offered the chance to review La Belle Assiette which is a private chef dining experience in your own home. I absolutely jumped at the chance. As it coincided with my birthday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some of my friends together and have an amazing dinner party without having to worry about a thing!

So What Is Private Chef Dining?

A fully credited chef will come in to your home and will set up and cook you a delicious, restaurant quality meal, clean up and leave you to enjoy the dinner party! So that means the chef will source all the food, do all the prep, the cooking and the cleaning up while you sit and enjoy the whole experience.

Chef Cas called me to see what types of food I liked and he came up with the most delicious sounding menu. He had thought about everything and looked to source the ingredients locally too! Chef Cas really thought about what he was going to cook for us and from start to finish made sure I was happy with the menu. I loved how I could have a say in what was being cooked. It was so much more personal compared to choosing something off a restaurant menu.

Having decided on the menu and invited my guests, I couldn’t wait for the party!

On the night

On the night, Chef Cas arrived about an hour before the guests were due to arrive so he could get everything set up and ready. He brought most items he needed with him but did check in with me prior to coming to see if he could use some of our pots and utensils. The set up was pretty quick and I enjoyed getting the chance to speak to Chef Cas about his career and his obvious love of food.

On the menu we had a selection of pre dinner canapes followed by a selection of Irish and continental breads with yeast butter, sundried tomato butter and a pesto butter. These were all amazing. Chef Cas came over and explained which bread and butter to put together to maximise flavour and we were able to try a bit of everything. It couldn’t have got off to a better start!

We also enjoyed a pre starter consisting of Rare Angus Beef Filet pommel Roblochon espuma, Crisp Shallots and Truffle Oil. I didn’t know what I would make of this but it was amazing. I could have easily had more of this!

We moved on to our starter of Pressed Romero Peppers, Goats Cheese, Sour Dough and Parmesan Crisp a Garden Herb Dressing and Hazel Nut Leaves. Chef Cas also gave us a shot alongside this so we could really taste all the flavours in the dish. The shot was a bit of a kick but it was so delicious too.

Seamlessly following this dish came the main: Spiced Duck Breast, Honey and Cumin Piccalilli Vegetables and Potato Gratin with aged Parmesan. This was the best duck I’ve ever eaten. So full of taste and cooked perfectly all six of us couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t know what would be able to top that dish but the pudding finished the meal off effortlessly. We had Winter Spiced Poached Pear, Tart Tatin and Vanilla Ice Cream. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with our meal. It was truly sublime.

Overall Thoughts

At first I wondered if it might be rather strange having a stranger in the house cooking for us and cleaning up; it’s certainly not the norm here. But Chef Cas made us feel so comfortable that we were just able to enjoy our evening in full. To be honest, the only times Chef Cas intervened was to serve the dished and explain what each dish was. I loved how he would tell us about the locally sourced ingredients too before sidling off to cook the next dish.

From start to finish the service was exemplary. Both myself and my guests had an amazing night – I don’t think we got to bed until almost 3am! It was such a treat and knowing that I could wake up the next day and not have to worry about all the washing up was the icing on the cake.


Menus start from £45 per guest and then go to £65 or £95 depending on your chef experience. Your Temptation menu is perfect for any occasion while Prestige gives you the gourmet experience and the Signature offers a Michelin quality.

This is certainly an experience that I’d do again and looking at the cost per person, it could make a lovely treat instead of going out from time to time.

Thank you La Belle Assiette and Chef Cas for such an amazing way to celebrate my birthday! And to Michelle for capturing these amazing photos.

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