Need an energy boost? Read this first

Perhaps it’s the time of year, maybe the kids are keeping you up all night, or perhaps you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Whatever it is that’s making you tired, chances are you’re going to need a little pick me up when 3pm rolls around.

Sure we can try and hide how tired we’re feeling – eye creams are important – but what about something a little more natural and beneficial? So, before you reach for that energy drink or your seventh cup of coffee, consider these 5 natural energy boosters and see what you think!

Keep your stress levels under control

Easier said then done, right? But did you know that stress massively drains your energy resources, making you feel even more sluggish and irritable, which leads to more stress! If you suffer from this vicious cycle then don’t worry, you can try talking things through with a work colleague, a friend or your partner, join a support group or even have a go at meditating, tai chi or yoga – you’ll find lots of beginners videos on YouTube.


It might seem like the complete opposite of what you want to do right now. But introducing yourself to a little extra movement during the day, will certainly help you sleep better at night. Regular exercise will also help reduce your stress levels too. Even a brisk walk around the office at lunch time will help get your blood pumping around your body and help you feel more energised.

Eat for energy

They say we should be eating three square meals a day. But its actually better for you to eat little and often, so you’re regularly providing your body with little bursts of the nutrients and minerals it needs to function well. It’s best to consume foods that with a low glycaemic index – which basically means its sugars are absorbed slowly and you’ll have a slower, more gradual release of energy, rather than burning it all off within an hour. Things like whole grains, foods high in fibre, nuts and even a little dark chocolate will keep you going for longer.

Drink water

Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue. If you’re suddenly feeling tired, drink a tall glass of water and replenish a little fluid. We actually loose 2.5 litres of water a day just by doing every day things, so it’s important to keep yourself topped up.


If you’ve been sitting at the computer, or at your desk for several hours then having a good stretch will certainly give your fatigued muscles a much needed wake up call. That doesn’t mean pulling out a yoga mat in the middle of the office. You can stretch at your desk by shrugging your shoulders and holding them up for several seconds. Or hugging yourself – by holding your right arm on your left shoulder and then your left arm on your right shoulder. Better yet, get up from your seat – without using the arm rests – and stretch your legs as you go and get a glass of water.

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