Not so Insta-worthy!

With all the pressures we get from social media about being (or at least showing) the world we are the perfect parent/family/person, I thought I’d put a few images together for my not so Instaworthy post just to make you smile!

What’s your best Not so Instaworthy picture?

My most recent not so Instaworthy photo was this – It was a picture of the FIRST time Benjamin have ever done fancy dress. We’ve tried him in various outfits over the years to no avail but this time, he actually wanted to dress up. I was so impressed, I wanted to grab a shot and share this success with everyone. Isabella had different ideas. I don’t even know why she was crying but needless to say, this is not going to be going up on the wall any time soon!

But this stared from when Benjamin was born!

Hayley Balozi from I am River had a pretty explosive baking session

Eva Katona from  Captain Bobcat ends up with similar family shots to me!
Jenny Lord’s pretty epic gingerbread house fail – Midwife and Life
Beth Law’s little one had just woken up from a nap! TwinderelmoEpril Fermin from Eps and Amycouldn’t keep her son from hiding as she clicked the camera!

Zoe Cripps’ from Lycra Widow managed this as their first photo after baby number two – it went a little worse than hoped!
Emma Louise Longden from evenangelsfall just wanted a nice family photo shoot!

Laura Wilson’s little girl only had smiles for Elsa! (Wafflemama)

RaimyGreenland’s partner didn’t aim for a headlock pose! Her daughter fell just as she said ‘cheese’. Readaraptor Hatchling

Laura Chatfield from Chatty Chronicles wanted to show just how in control she was on her first outing out alone! At least she’s smiling, right?
 Kayley realised the family were all matching and tried to take a nice family selfie!

Lauren from Sophie’s Nursery only wanted a pretty picture with the flowers in the background, instead she got a face-palm photo that (let’s face it) most of us have wanted to do at one point!


  1. hahaha! I love these…
    I much prefer seeing real life than the perfect instagram shots. x

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