Do All Infants and Toddlers Love To Swim?

Thank you Kaitlin from An Apple Per Day for this lovely post on children swimming – I found it fascinating! When we started a family, I wanted my kids to enjoy the all the fun water provides. I grew up playing in the pool with my friends, and really enjoyed it however, I discovered that not all kids will automatically react the same to the water. I had to adjust the way that I introduce my kids to the water so they {Read More}

NCT war on bottle feeding? A dad’s perspective

Why don’t the NCT or NHS teach you about bottle feeding and instead mercilessly push breastfeeding as if it is the only way to feed a child? I am a first time Dad to my 18 month old daughter, so admittedly they might have changed things since – I seriously doubt it – but it still irritates me that when we went to the NCT and NHS antenatal classes not once did they mention bottle feeding, instead promoting breastfeeding. I {Read More}

Home Schooling Younger Children

Homeschooling remains a popular choice for mothers across the country, especially at a young age when parents may want to give their children the best possible start or may not wish to cause huge amounts of upheaval if they happen to be planning to move numerous times in the future. In other cases, parents may simply want to ensure their children are ready to join the numerous other kids who have been educated from a very young age, without wanting {Read More}

Holiday Packing tips: going on holidaying with a toddler

  A few weeks ago we braved our first trip abroad with a toddler and we had such a wonderful time. Lots of people might try to put you off doing it saying it’s more stress than it’s worth but I couldn’t disagree more; as long as you are prepared, you can have a great time. Here are my holidaying top tips for packing with a toddler. Task 1 – Make a list (and then another one)! Think about everything {Read More}

When I wake up in the morning…

When I wake up in the early dawn                                                               And the morning hurts my eyes And suddenly without warning, love Nappy aroma’s heavy on my nose Then I look at you And the smile that’s on your face Just one look at you And I know it’s gonna be A {Read More}

Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Most of the mummies and daddies I talk to about their babies and toddlers have lots in common but I think one of the hardest things we as parents all have in common and struggle to deal with is the lack of sleep; I mean it is actually torturous some nights (or weeks!) I thought toughest time was the beginning when I was up every 3 hours throughout the night to feed my little one. However, on reflection, it wasn’t {Read More}

Making life that little bit easier … confessions of a ‘wipe-aholic’

Wipes – From Bottoms and Bathrooms to Kitchens and Carpets I think people underestimate just how amazing wipes are – now I’m talking about all types of wipes from baby wipes to anti-bacterial bathroom wipes but as a busy mum I really just couldn’t live without them now. Whoever first thought of a pre-packed wet wipe, I salute you! You have made my day (and messy toddler) so much easier to handle. I think I have about 10 packs of {Read More}

To breastfeed, or not to breastfeed – that is the question!

‘To breastfeed, or not to breastfeed -that is the question’, or is it? For many new mummies, this decision is taken away from them. From NCT classes and pregnancy guides to well meaning acquaintances, everyone is keen to tell you that ‘breast is best’. Well, for me ‘breast and bottle was best’. Throughout my pregnancy I had been worrying that I might not be able to breastfeed. I was so keen to have that bonding time with our baby and {Read More}

With a toddler comes mess and plenty of it.

I always knew that having a baby (who far too quickly became a toddler) would mean mess and what I know like to call organised chaos but I can honestly say I didn’t think I’d have to vacuum, tidy and clean for what seems like 100 times a day – the worst part being that by the time Isabella goes to bed at night, it looks like I haven’t lifted a finger all day. Believe it or not, the above {Read More}