Introducing the newest member of the family!

For a long time now we have wanted to get a kitten and knowing that we weren’t going to have any more children, we decided that now was as good a time as any to add some more chaos into the house.

We originally started looking at adopting a cat but quickly came to the realisation that with Benjamin being 2, it was unlikely that we would be able to adopt due to the fact that lots of the cats needed rehoming with families with no children or older children. With this in mind, we set about looking for a kitten from a breeder. We hoped that this would mean they would grow up with the children and not be scared or skittish around my two energetic bundles.

Having had a bad experience just after Christmas with a little kitten we were supposed to collect (she died), we were a lot more cautious the second time round. We eventually found (with the help of a friend) another litter of kittens and after visiting them, decided on a gorgeous little boy. He was the largest of the litter and didn’t seem phased at all with my two trying to stroke and cuddle him. We wanted to ensure that the cat was happy with the children and that the children were happy with the cat- these were the best snaps I could get on the first meet.

A week later, we collected the kitten and welcomed him home. After an hour or so of investigating, Scruffy seemed very much at home and settled.

It wasn’t quite plain sailing though, we had to take him to the vets for his vaccinations but as he was sneezing, we had to hold off. Instead, he had a dose of antibiotics and eye drops. Two weeks later, still sneezing a little, he was allowed his first vaccination. (He is still a sneezy little kitten but the vet doesn’t seem too concerned).

Scruffy is a very animated and playful kitten who is full of energy but he also loves a good cuddle in the evening. He really loves the children and thankfully, they have taken really well to him too (sometime too well!). Although there have been a few scratches and nips, the children aren’t phased and he seems to be fitting in with my crazy family well.

To ensure that he has his own space where the children can’t get to him, we have cut a cat sized door into our larder door. This way, if he ever needs some peace and quiet, he can take himself off and be alone.

So there he is, the newest (and much loved) member of the family – Scruffy!

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