Top tips for enjoying the outside even in the winter

We love getting the children outside as much as possible – they often spend far too long sat indoors, especially over the winter months. During the summer we seem to be outside all the time but with the wet and rather chilly weather during these long dark wintery months, we often find ourselves staying warm inside. So we are making a real effort to get the right gear and get outside no matter what the weather.

Getting your temperature just right.

Over at Simply Hike, there are clothes and accessories which are perfect for getting out and about in the wetter weather for adults and children alike. Although we aren’t likely to go hiking up any mountains right now (mainly because we’d end up carrying both the children up!) but we do love walking and squelching through the woods and going on bear hunts. But we can get a little chilly. The jackets and tops available are perfect for keeping you warm and dry meaning we can all stay out and hunt for longer before coming home and enjoying a hot chocolate. Equally, ensuring your jacket is breathable will help you stay dry, not overheat and will stop any condensation that forms.

Wrap up warm

Wearing a hat and gloves seems sensible, as we all know we loose heat from your head and well, having freezing cold hands just isn’t fun for anyone. Did you know that wearing mittens is actually warmer than wearing gloves because your fingers can squeeze together like a colony of penguins? But often we forget about our feet! Wellies might seem like the obvious choice if it’s raining but they might not be very warm. There are steps you can take though. Think about using a wool innersole and also doubling up your socks. I’ve written more about keeping your feet warm here though so go and take a peek.

Remember food and drink

We often use up more energy than we think in the cold so eating and drinking is vital for keeping our energy topped up. Warm drinks or soup are perfect ideas for long walks and will leave you feeling warm inside and out! Kids need plenty of snacks too. I’m not sure what it is but the moment we are outside in the cold, my two are constantly asking for food. Chunky soup gives them a healthy and nourishing snack which fills them up too.

What are your top tips for getting outside in the winter?

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