What You Never Imagined Having Children Would Look Like

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If Hollywood has anything to answer for, it’s the unrealistic expectations that it sets upon people for how the Perfect family life should be, but the truth is, that for the vast majority of parents out there, it’s nothing like the perfect family dynamic at all.

Though, what is perfect? Here’s the thing, maybe it’s our collective expectations as a society that needs to change. If we look back to our grandparents generation, they never would have dreamed of getting Family Law Solicitors involved in their affairs, but was that such a good thing?

Things like solicitors exist for a reason, and especially within the realm of family law, they’re here to protect innocent children.

If we follow the Hollywood dream of what family life is like then it can get us into some very dangerous territory when it comes to how we see raising children.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to give our children the best life possible, and for a lot of people that means a two-parent household, perfect yard and neighbors who bring freshly baked pies.

For a lot of people who thought this is what family life would be are going to be to be pretty disappointed, but there’s no reason that anything other than the above is a bad thing at all.

If you’ve ever found yourself slightly disappointed by the fact that you don’t have the so-called picture perfect family life, then here are a few things to consider from the other side that may just bring everything into perspective for you.

You Have More Freedom:

Most people, if you ever ask them, would never equate children with freedom. However, it can be quite the opposite if you don’t opt for the typical life that you believe you’re supposed to have in terms of family, and especially raising children. If you’ve always had a desire to travel, but thought that family life and travel don’t mix, then think again. There’s never been a better time in history to create the kind of life you want for you and your children with the freedom to show them that they, too, can do the same, and that they don’t have to feel disappointed if they don’t end up with the Hollywood expectations.

You Have A Bond With Your Children That No One Else Has:

This is especially true if you’re a single parent, but one thing that no one or no book can ever prepare you for before you have a child is that incredible and unique bond you share with them. Although it can sometimes be scary to literally love something more than yourself who you would actually die for, it’s definitely one of the benefits of having a less than conventional life, because you realize that family is about so much more than a white picket fence.

We hope this post helped you see that there’s no right or wrong way to have a family, and that if a child has love and a healthy environment to grow up in, then they will be fine – at least as much as we can control.

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