When Medical Care Goes Wrong

Most of us at one point or another will have had to rely on medical services or intervention for an accident, emergency, diagnosis or treatment in some way shape or form.  When we do seek medical help, we expect to receive the best possible care from knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

The NHS is a lifeline to so many people and I’m so grateful that we live in a country where we have access to good medical care regardless of our situation in life. However, whether it’s NHS or private care, mistakes happen and substandard care may be provided directly impacting your heath.

Medical negligence can take on many forms. Sadly, we have two cases in our family of misdiagnosis. For years both my nan and auntie were misdiagnosed as having symptoms relating to the menopause. My nan actually had ovarian cancer and by the time it was finally found, the cancer had spread and was wrapped around her bowel too. Surgery wasn’t an option now. Had a diagnosis been made earlier, she may have been with us a lot longer. Likewise with my aunt, she too was told she was just experiencing symptoms of the menopause. It was only after she collapsed at work and was rushed into hospital that the doctors found she had brain tumours which would lead to her loosing her life at just 50.

Sadly, it’s not just our family

Laura Moore explains that her son is severely disabled and when he was approximately 1, he was diagnosed blind. They were told he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between us and a neighbour by a specialist at GOSH. This would have caused terrible emotional distress to the family. That diagnosis couldn’t have been more wrong! Although he does have visual impairment but he can see far more than they diagnosed!

Hannah Rose had an horrific experience when in labour. She had a c-section to deliver her baby but she wasn’t numbed in the correct place1 Although in her hip to toe she had no feeling, she could actually felt the whole section. Due to her screaming in pain, she was pumped full of painkillers and she actually stopped breathing twice as they had given me too many. After a meeting with the consultant a few weeks later, they agreed they should of used a surgical shunt for her planned section.

Mandi Morrison’s mum had surgery to replace the veins in her groin. However, they didn’t do the stitches correctly and within half an hour of her coming out of surgery she lost consciousness due to the stitches breaking and had to go back in for repeat surgery. After a further 4 hours, she now has no feeling in her abdomen area because of how deep they had to go to repair the damage.

Jade Bremner wasn’t told about her diagnosis for 4 years so wasn’t on medication. After the diagnosis was made she was told she just had an under active thyroid; it turns out (10 years after the initial diagnosis) that she actually has Hashimoto’s which had caused the thyroid issue.


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