Rings Rings Rings

Whatever the occasion, rings are always a symbol of love and here are three types of rings that mark special points in your relationship. Jeulia are here to offer you a wonderful choice of all three rings. The Promise Ring A promise ring is a really beautiful sentiment which has recently become more popular. While at one time it might have been associated with young love and teenagers, the actual meaning and gesture behind a promise ring is much more {Read More}

Driving Your Own Car as a Learner – Everything You Need to Know

*Collaborative Post* Learning to drive can be fun, exciting, and sometimes scary. If you are recently beginning to learn to drive, and you have your own car or are planning to get your own car before you pass your test, then driving is a bit different compared to driving once you have a full license. Although you don’t need to be with a qualified instructor to drive before you pass your driving test, there are some rules and other considerations {Read More}

5 Surprising Positive Effects of Divorce on Children

Many are quick to presume that divorce will only negatively impact their children, but that isn’t necessarily always the case. In this article, we talk about the 5 surprisingly positive effects of divorce on children. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Divorce can be hard for everyone involved, especially those directly impacted, such as children caught in the middle. While divorce can have a significant emotional impact on children, it can also have a positive effect on them. Since the {Read More}

The Wizard of Oz Panto – Review

This afternoon we took a trip down the yellow brick road along with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion in the wonderful and energetic Easter Panto at the Wycombe Swan. Oh yes we did! And because the panto is all about family, we took my mum along for the ride too. Big thank you to the Wycombe Swan as well as the cast and crew for a wonderful show today. But First Food We were very lucky and enjoyed {Read More}

Blood Brothers at the Wycombe Swan

Wow! What a phenomenal production of one of the most popular British musicals – Blood Brothers. Written by Willy Russell, the Wycombe Swan presents you with a mesmerising and wholly emotional show that will captivate your heart and leave you utterly lost for words. Having never seen Blood Brothers before, I couldn’t wait to see what I was in store for and I have to say, I was gripped by the story from start to end. To be honest, I’ve {Read More}

5 Things You Need To Have in Your First Aid Kit for Medical Emergencies

*Collaborative Post* Life is unpredictable, and no one is invincible. Anything can happen to you, a loved one, or even a complete stranger. It can vary from minor cuts and bruises to serious injuries that require urgent care. So, it is easy to say that a wise person always has possession of a well-stocked first aid kit. Even so, not only does it prove to be incredibly beneficial, but it can turn out to actually save lives – especially for {Read More}

Capture the Life Stories of Your Leading Man with Storii

Exactly how much do you know about the life of your father? Countless tales were written before you were even conceived, much less mature enough to comprehend them. He is well-versed in your past, while you are likely just familiar with a sliver of his. These tales take on more significance for us as we get to know our main man a little better. We all want to preserve these precious moments, thus many of us decide to record them. {Read More}

What Is the ‘Mummy Makeover’ and What Does It Include?

*collaborative post* Pregnancy and childbirth can change the body in many ways, and although these changes can diminish over time as the body heals or through a healthy lifestyle and exercise, sometimes the body doesn’t return to exactly how it was before. This can cause self-esteem issues for many women, especially if they have experienced significant changes including sagging skin and weight gain.  Since many women would like to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, this has led to the rising popularity {Read More}

How to handle a relationship with ADHD?

Adult ADHD aspects such as distractibility, disorganization, and restlessness can have a detrimental influence on many parts of one’s life, but the symptoms associated with the condition can be especially troublesome for personal relationships. If one or both partners struggle with ADHD, their personal relationships might suffer from disagreements, frustration, and anger. This is especially evident if ADHD symptoms were never adequately identified or treated. The important thing here is identifying how ADHD affects your relationship and may help you {Read More}

Peter Pan Panto at The Wycombe Swan: Review

Get right into the Christmas spirit with this year’s pantomime Peter Pan. Just take the ‘second star to the right, and straight on till morning’ and let yourself be transported into the wonderful world of magic. As soon as you walk through the foyer, you’re met with the magical excitement from the families all around you. There’s a wonderful buzz about the place without the feeling of being overcrowded. Once you’ve grabbed your drink and snacks, you can make your {Read More}