37 Weeks Pregnant

Feeling good at 37 weeks.



So my last few posts about pregnancy have been a little more negative than I’d perhaps have liked them to be but this week I’m going to stay positive!


I’m still having lots of Braxton hicks but I’m taking this in my stride as I know what’s to come and this isn’t painful, just makes me sit up a little straighter if anything; it’s all in the preparation isn’t it?!


I can feel baby having lots of hiccups at the moment which is a really odd but lovely feeling. It’s one of those feelings that I just can’t explain but anyone who has been pregnant can probably relate to. It’s a soft movement that enables you to know baby is there but they aren’t pummelling your insides trying to stretch or change positions. It’s certainly one of the things I will miss when baby comes (although having snuggly cuddles with a new born will definitely make up for it!).


I’m having so many vivid dreams as well. Some are about all the things I still need to do: pack hospital bag, get pram, sort baby’s crib, wrap present from baby to Isabella – all the practical things while others are just random dreams that I wake from and can’t remember. I don’t usually realise what I’m dreaming about so to even hold a little bit of a dream in for a few moments before I’m completely awake is nice.


I finished work this week! This has had a really positive impact on my mood. Knowing that I don’t have to be up, dresses and out the house before 7:30am is such a relief in these final weeks of waddling around; I can happily potter in my PJs and eat cereal at 9am without feeling at all guilty. 

Isabella also finished at the child-minder’s this week (as she’s due to start pre-school just after Easter) so we are going to make the most of the next few weeks and just enjoy some mother and daughter time before the mayhem begins (especially all the snugly cuddles).

Positives that I have achieved this week:


Washed car seat fabric so it looks and smells brand new again, washed and put away all neutral new born and 0-3 baby clothes and hats etc, bought nappies, wipes, essentials (including dummies and formula – just in case), finished packing hospital bags! 

Now let’s see what next week brings 🙂

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