7 Creative Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Extraordinary

A beautiful wedding is always etched into our minds because we want to create a beautiful memory- a memory to cherish forever. 

You know wedding arrangements take effort, but all effort is paid off when you see people enjoy and have a blast – after all a wedding is a grand celebration. 

Now drumroll, please because we are going to spill the beans on how to get dream wedding: make it your own! 

Yes, we often take inspiration from other’s weddings and their life, but we forget that this wedding is the union between you and your better half. 

At the start of the wedding, take some time to think about your story and draw inspiration. You can even your and your partner’s interest in your family history and consider everything. 

Secondly, never forget that your wedding is a legal celebration, but it is also as much about your guest’s enjoyment. 

Here are simple ways to make your wedding stand out. 

Invitations to a Wedding

No one appreciates boring old-fashioned invitations. Make the invitations more intriguing by sprucing them up. There are a variety of methods to do this.

For instance, you might make a scratch card that guests must scratch to get the answers to the who, what, and where questions! A simple but entertaining concept that is guaranteed to pique your visitors’ curiosity.

If invitations were so dull in 2021, you could send a mass SMS message to all your visitors!

You may also send an audio invite, a message in a box- the options are endless. 

Narrate Your Story 

Your wedding invitations describe nothing more than your name, along with some details about you and your partner. Your wedding can have photo frames where you can narrate your love story. You can add where you met, how you fell in love and why you think you and your partner are the perfect matches. 

You do all that by images or even videos planning in the frames one after the another. This is a beautiful way to show people a story before they step into your wedding. 

Favours For The Wedding

Food baskets and fruits as wedding favours are no longer the gold standards. Instead, be creative and choose chocolate bouquets or a hamper of goodies; they are the most innovative ideas for dream wedding gifts. 

You may even personalize your wedding favours, which is quite popular right now. There are many ways to spice up your wedding; all you have to do is look harder and be more imaginative.

Add A Touch Of History 

We all adore our grandmother’s particular pie or dessert, so why not include a pinch of your grandmother’s love in the dessert bar?

Your grandmother may have had a lovely narrative, and believe us when we say that most family recipes have. You may either write the history on a board above the dessert or publish it on the menu.

Consider the following:

Aunt Jen’s Onion Soup or Grandma Chris’s Blueberry Shortcake

It gives the wedding a lot of personality. The guests will take much more than the favours home with them; they will carry away the emotion of getting to know you better.

Photo Booth

In the age of the gram, having a photo booth or an area is a must. Imagine the happy hearts when you see props and accessories stacked in the booth. 

You see them on birthdays and parties so why not at weddings? 

Let your guests have all the fun they can, plus you can even have given them a photo jacket that is personalized with their photo. They will never forget your wedding for sure! 

Eclectic Menu 

What’s your perfect food menu? Take that into consideration. 

Good food is essential in every wedding, and choosing a menu can be stressful but don’t remain in the constraints of a single cuisine or be limited to any bounds. 

Instead, butt heads with your partner and come up with a menu you both love and voila, you now have a diverse menu!

Take Song Requests 

Ask the guests to fill an RSVP card with their favourite songs or email you the songs. 

Please make a list of the songs you want the DJ to play, plus it is the guest’s favourites, so you no longer have to ponder on your music choices! Bravo! 

Bottom Line

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life, and you deserve to make the best out of it. Hope our list of innovative ideas for your dream wedding is a success for you on your big day.

Thank you for being such outstanding readers -if you have questions about anything we’ve mentioned, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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