Blood Brothers at the Wycombe Swan

Wow! What a phenomenal production of one of the most popular British musicals – Blood Brothers. Written by Willy Russell, the Wycombe Swan presents you with a mesmerising and wholly emotional show that will captivate your heart and leave you utterly lost for words.

Having never seen Blood Brothers before, I couldn’t wait to see what I was in store for and I have to say, I was gripped by the story from start to end. To be honest, I’ve never felt so immersed in a play before; this production was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I was transported with the cast on their journey and loved every moment.

The Show

Set in Liverpool in post war Britain, you are presented with the journeys of twins separated at birth. Living worlds apart, but so close together, they couldn’t have been raised in more different circumstances if they tried. However, as the children grow, you see how their lives continually draw them back together – blood brother’s for life. However, this touching story of a friendship and a brotherly bond that seemingly can’t be broken, takes a dark turn and tragedy ensues. I was left totally bereft by the end of the play. This is a must watch production and it’s only on at the Wycombe Swan until Saturday 26th March 2022 so book your tickets now!

As well as the obviously gripping storyline, high praise must be given to all the performers. On opening night, there were a couple of illnesses so cast changes were made however, the performance was faultless. Paula Tappenden took over the role of Mrs Johnstone and Tim Churchill played the Narrator, Grace Galloway took the role of Mrs Lyons and Mr Lyons was played by Jacob Yolland, who also had numerous other roles to play. Melissa Potts played the role of Donna Marie.

Each and every person played their character(s) with such passion and energy that I was hooked from the outset. There were powerful songs and heartfelt portrayals of children growing into young adults as well as the most emotional performance from Paula Tappenden, who, playing Mrs Johnston was forced to give up one of her twins at birth. Tim Churchill set the mood perfectly throughout the production and with such presence too.

Micky and Eddie were played fantastically with real charisma and charm. How Sean Jones managed to play a cheeky 7- nearly 8-year-old, so well before his harrowing metal descent in early adulthood is truly astonishing; it was masterfully portrayed. Joel Benedict managed to effortlessly depict the upper-class schoolboy with a youthful energy that brings a smile to your face.

The Stage

I am a sucker for a good set and I wasn’t disappointed with the set for Blood Brothers. There wasn’t much to see when you first sat down but as soon as the play began you got a real sense of city life with houses either side of the stage and a clever cityscape backdrop. Although most of the set never changes, the backdrop is used effectively to portray the countryside in Act 2 and the houses are cleaned up a little too. With the space available on stage, I thought they managed the set really well. There were clever uses of different props too which all created the perfect environment to the play.

I urge you all to go and watch this stunning performance before it’s too late. You can book your tickets here.

Pre Show Meal

If you do manage to squeeze in a show, why not stop for a bite to eat first? The Wycombe Swan have a new spring menu and I was lucky enough to try it out.

I opted for the Cheese and Bacon Burger – 6oz beef burger topped with bacon, melted cheese, pickled pink onions and baby watercress. The flavours were wonderful and I especially liked the pickled pink onion. Not only does the food taste great but it’s a great portion size and well-presented too.

My friend decided to try out the Halloumi Couscous – a Mediterranean lemon and coriander infused halloumi on a bed of sundried tomatoes and oregano olive couscous. Again, she was delighted with the flavours from this meal. It was delicate yet flavourful and totally delicious. Again, the portion sizes are great so we were stuffed before heading into the show.

There are lighter bites or puddings to pick from too if you don’t fancy a full meal.

I really enjoyed the whole experience of eating before we went in, especially as it was on a Tuesday night. It meant I could get home from work, sort the children out and then just sit back and totally relax for a couple of hours with a friend. The service was brilliant with very attentive staff, even though there were staff off. A wonderful experience all round.



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