Does every family have an A&E child?

So I think we were quite lucky with Isabella, the only times she’s been in hospital where on her 1st birthday when she had tonsillitis and then again just after her 4th birthday to have grommets. Other than that, she’s not really hurt herself or given us any issues.

This lured us in to a false sense of security though. We were not prepared for the chaos that Benjamin would bring! He has always been a happy go lucky little thing and is completely fearless. As he began moving around, we’d always find him in precarious positions balanced on tables or climbing on the back if chairs. We called him our little billy goat – always climbing.

Are boys just different?

Well, he was 11 months when he started walking and this is where the troubles began. He was tottering around the front room and tripped over nothing falling face first on their wooden shop. He split his eyebrow open and ended up having that glued at the local hospital.

I didn’t think too much of it, after all, most children as they learn to walk end up falling over, he was just unlucky with his landing. Well after we found him perched on the arms of the sofa, at the top of the tallest slides and on top of any table, chair or box he deems climbable, I began to wonder when the next accident would happen. He also managed to chip both of his front teeth – on separate occasions- due to falling or jumping off various things.

To cut a long story short, in the past month, Benjamin has been to the local hospital three times with the same injury. He keeps dislocating his elbow. This is now his 4th time. I know that once it’s happened once he is more prone to it recurring but I just have a feeling he’s going to be in and out of hospital with this for a few more years yet.

My mum keeps joking with us that he’s exactly the same as his uncle – the token A&E child of the family and I’m beginning to think she might be right! But he also takes after his Dad- Ed cut his eye open just 3 days after Benjamin! It think Benjamin’s fearless nature and desire to climb on and jump off everything is only going to land him in more trouble the older he gets. I mean he’s still got to learn how to ride a bike, climb trees, skate and do so many other things that will doubtless end up in hospital- let’s just hope it doesn’t end up with any broken bones!

So my question to you is – do you have an A&E child? Is there one in every family?

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