Helping Your Child Make the Most of their Education

As a parent, it is likely that you are keen for your children to perform well in school and make the most of their academic journey. Essentially, you want them to reach their full potential. However, if they don’t have your full support, it will be harder for them to find the confidence and motivation to succeed. In fact, research on the matter has discovered that the more involved a parent is in their child’s schooling, the more likely the child is to thrive. The advice below is from an independent school near Edgeware and should help you understand how to support your child as best you can.


Try and demonstrate to your child that you are always there for them and that you are interested in their performance at school. If they think you don’t care, they will be less inclined to try their best. This means you should listen to them when they want to talk to you about their school day; don’t shrug them off or tell them you’re busy, because they will be reluctant to talk to you about it in the future. Instead, try and ask them open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing and discover as much as you can about their school life so that you can offer your guidance in the right areas. Praise your child when they have accomplished a goal, like a fantastic grade or a new personal best in PE. Car journeys, mealtimes and dog walks are fantastic opportunities for these sorts of conversations, so don’t take them for granted.

Attend Events

Make sure you attend school events, such as sports day, plays and most importantly, parents’ evening. In fact, it’s wise to meet up with your child’s teachers on a regular basis, if possible, so that you can monitor their performance and update one another on any changes in their academic or personal life. The teachers will be able to share some information with you about the curriculum and perhaps suggest some activities you can do at home to help accentuate your child’s learning. Knowing what your child is learning about in school will give you plenty to talk about and also allow you to delve a little deeper into these subject matters in the real world. What’s more, attending school events and building a relationship with the teachers will help show your child how much you care about their education.



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