Making Meals with the Kids

Children always manage to find the most inconvenient times to decide they need a cuddle or just want to literally stand hugging your leg or asking you questions, don’t they! My two seem to know instinctively when it is time for me to start making the dinner and they almost turn into some sort of clingy, whingy whiny horror that only manages to get under my feet.


Well, instead of having arguments or tantrums and trying to force the children to stay out of the kitchen (especially as we don’t actually have any doors to close!) I decided to embrace the children’s need to be close and got them in the kitchen cooking with me.

There are some dishes that they absolutely love helping out with. Of course, there is always parts of cooking that I’m very wary of letting the children get involved in, especially if there’s a chance that fats will spit on them but I try and let them get involved in some way. For example, if I’m cooking a roast, I let them chop the vegetables with me but then get them focused on another task while I put the meat and potatoes in the oven. This seems to work really well as they still feel involved and not like they’ve been shut out. Now I have children, whenever I cook meat, I worry about whether it’s cooked properly or not. These oven thermometers are the most useful thing for worried parents. They can really put your mind at ease so you know your meat will be perfectly cooked throughout.

That said, there are definitely dishes that are easier to cook and get the children involved and here are some of our favourites.img_5812

Pizza is such a quick and easy dish and it has to be the children’s favourite meal to cook. They get to knead the dough and roll it out before adding their favourite toppings.helping

Fajitas is also an easy meal to make with the children. Once the meat is cut and in the pan, I let them take a turn to stir the meat before cutting the peppers and onion and chucking it all in the pan. They love adding the tomato salsa to their tortilla and topping the chicken mix with cheese after.

I was really interested to hear which meals some of your children loved getting involved in so I could steal a few ideas to try out over the half term so below are some other wonderful bloggers with their choice meal.

What’s Your Favourite Dish?

Alex from chose a Spag Bol. His little one has fun chopping up tomatoes (or rather mashing up), picking leaves off the basil plant and throwing spaghetti into the pan. There’s just as much mess making it as there is eating it in their house!

Kati at How to Rock at Parenting cooks up a family recipe curried rice dish featuring Frankfurters and peas. Her little girl loves cutting up the sausages and sneaking the odd one into her mouth while she thinks Kati isn’t looking…

Jen from Just Average Jen enjoys mixing up a Stir fry….its great as the children choose which shape to cut the peppers etc and also get to decide how much of each goes into the dish. Jen knows it’s a healthy choice but she gives the children the input they value! They used to call it their rainbow stir fry as they would try to get as many different colours in as possible!

Natalie at Confessions of a Crummy Mummy creates a super tasty eggy bread! It’s extra easy & super tasty & everyone loves it!

Kerry’s daughter  over at All About Mini Norris loves cooking lasagna. Kerry will cook the mince etc and then her daughter assembles the sheets, sauce and cheese. She really enjoys helping and the whole family love eating it.

Lauren and her little girl, Sophie, from Sophie’s Nursery love cooking & eating vegetable curry together! Sophie loves helping cut up the veg, pouring the sauce over and stirring it! It’s also her favourite dinner to eat and usually scoffs the whole lot!

Bek and her two children, from Dilly Drops, love baking bread together. They all think it’s great fun! Once they’ve made the bread, they then make tomato and lentil soup to go with it! This gives the children the chance to do lots if pouring and some chopping. They usually press the button to start the blender but run off because they don’t like the noise!bread

Cathryn and her kids have a little ritual every Saturday. They have to make blueberry pancakes in their house! The kids love measuring out the ingredients and stirring it all together. It’s the one day of the week for them when mornings are not a chaotic rush to get everyone out the house.

Victoria and her little one create a one pot mixed bean veggie chilli with mixed beans, mild chilli powder & chopped tomatoes all in one pan – it’s super easy for her 4 year old to tip in and mix together!

Alex and her daughter love to make spaghetti carbonara and frittata’s. They are the dishes they always cook together – simple but filling too!

And finally, Kate over at Family Fever, goes collecting apples from the apple tree in her parents garden in the autumn and then they make delicious apple scones.

Are there any dishes that you and your family just love cooking together? We’d love to hear about them!






  1. Natalie says:

    Our fav is pizza too they love making faces with the toppings.

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