Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d put together a little list of items you might like.

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel and Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream are at the top of my list because they are both practical and yet they also provide a little luxury in your everyday routine. Both these products have left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I particularly like the BB Cream because it feels as though I don’t have anything on my skin and still looks lovely.

BB cream


If you want something that will last a little longer and will be practical too, the Lumie Body Clock Iris is a genius idea. My little one has been waking so early that my body just doesn’t have time to adjust before we are up and I’m pinning my eyes open with match sticks but having the New Lumie Body Clock Iris with aromatherapy option has made such a difference. I now don’t wake up feeling like I’ve just been struck by lightning! The Lumie Body Clock allows you to drift off to sleep and be slowly woken by a gradual sunset and sunrise with your choice of aromatherapy oils. It has so many other additional features that you can choose to use too. This is a must have item in my books.


Or continuing down the road of looking fab, why not try Nella Milano nail polish? They have some fantastic colour choices that would be perfect for the Spring Summer look and will make any outfit more glamorous. It paints on really easily and lasts well too.


If you know your mum needs something a little more relaxing, what about Nelson’s Arnicare bath and massage balm? You can soak away a stressful day and then be treated to a wonderful massage to relieve any stiff muscles you might have.


I don’t think I know of any mum who doesn’t like chocolate or flowers and M&S have a great range of products on offer from beautiful spring flowers to baskets of tea and of course the champagne and chocolates hamper too!

mothers day

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