My Baby Show Experience at London’s ExCel

We took a little adventure on the train to London this week to visit all the wonderful brands at The Baby Show. Being 35 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t manage on my own with a toddler and the train so I brought the hubby along with me too for support (and to carry all the bags home!).

As soon as we arrived, we headed over to the press office to pick up Isabella’s new ride for the day – the Quinny Moodd. We let her choose which colour she wanted and she picked the bright blue, which I have to say, I really loved. She was super excited to get to travel in style while we put it to the test but you can read my review of the Quinny Moodd soon.

quinny moodd

Our first stop on our journey was over at Tommee Tippee big adventure zone where I got to learn all about their new range of sippee cups and Isabella got to play pirates and princesses. The new cup range is designed to ensure that there are no spills whatever adventure your child is going on. There are cups to suit all age ranges from 4m+ to 12m+ and sipping preferences but the best part of all for any mother (and child) is that the lids are all interchangeable and compatible with each other! This means there’s no more moaning if you can’t find the right part for the right cup!

Tommee Tippee

tommee tippee2

On top of this amazing piece of news, there is now only one component to take out to clean the cup; what could be better? Isabella’s favourite is the Sports Bottle which is so quick and easy to grab a drink from that she doesn’t even have to stop and think. Even if the bottle gets knocked on the floor (which it inevitably does), it doesn’t leak.

Tommee Tippee have a great competition up and running with babyworld at the moment where you could win prizes from Tommee Tippee, Muddy Puddles and Trunki. You just need to upload a picture of your little one having a big adventure with the hash tag #ttbigadventure . For the next three weeks there will be 10 winners and 10 runners up picked to receive prizes.

After playing around with Princesses and Pirates, Isabella had a go at hula hooping with the entertainment team provided at the show. There were some great activities available throughout the day and this meant I could leave Isabella and my husband playing games while I did some serious baby shopping.

hula hoop1


I had a great chat with the team from Cybex about the importance of car seat safety and had a look at their fantastic rear-facing car seats. I really by into the safety aspect of a rear facing car seat and am seriously looking into the best one to buy as the car seat we currently have (forward facing) was given to us by a friend who moved to Australia and had no need for it anymore.

Having looked at what felt like all the buggies and pram systems available (I know have to convince the hubby to buy my favourite!), I headed on over to the café to meet a few friends: Chloe from BumpPR, Laura and her beautiful boys from and Lauren from We had a good old natter about the products we really wanted to try out and those we hadn’t got round to seeing yet; my husband was totally blown away by the idea of the Snugglebundl as he’s never seen anything like it before. I have to say, second time round, I certainly know what I want product wise and there were plenty of bargains to be had at the show.

Our last stop, after a full on day of shopping and trying things out, was My Little Duckling where I had a great chat to Karina and her husband. As well as their hats being possibly one of the cutest thing I’ve seen, I was also pleased to meet up with them as a local business to me. Karina was super lovely and let Isabella choose a hat to take home to review and she chose a vibrant purple one which she has worn every day since! (Review coming soon!).

My little ducklingMy little duckling 2


By this point, we had spend several hours and lots more money than we intended so made our way home but had picked up a hitch hiker: Noddy the giraffe balloon. Isabella had been so good that we couldn’t resist getting her a little treat too as we didn’t want her to feel left out and she has played with him everyday since.

Noddy 1




  1. Was so lovely to see you! Looking forward to our coffee date xxx

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