Ordinary Moments #2 (8/52)

So this weeks has been full of seeing people and doing things because it’s been half term and I’ve been off work which has been blissful. I have really cherished this half term because, being 35 weeks pregnant, I am really beginning to get exhausted and the half term has meant I can have a few cheeky lie-ins (until 8am one day)… now that’s what I call a treat with a toddler.

We always love crafting so it is pretty standard for us to do at least one or two crafts a week, especially in the half terms when we don’t tend to go to toddler groups and see our mummy and toddler friends. This week we were inspired by some of the crafting activities by Little Letters and we made a princess crown and a Chinese dragon. Isabella loved the ‘scary dragon’ and ran around roaring for ages. He now has pride of place above our fire place.




We’ve been making the most of the dry weather too and going for long walks with my brother’s dog and also taking Isabella’s new smarTrike out for a few test drives – she thinks it’s amazing and has even learnt to steer it properly and can almost pedal it herself. She can manage one big push but then when she tries to do the other foot, she goes backwards again. After a few months of no naps, sometimes, after these long walks Isabella was so shattered she just fell asleep and it took all of my newly learned skills in bribery to wake her (this included offering to watch her favourite T.V. with a biscuit).

FAST asleep after long walks

Long walks1

Long walks

Isabella has been a real help around the house too. My dad has been over helping to get the nursery ready by putting up some lining paper before the hubby paints it next weekend. She was scrubbing the walls and making sure it was all clean ready for the paper to go up. The thing I love the most is what she remembers about the day, even a few days later she walks past the nursery and says to anyone who will listen, “Do you know what Grandad did to my Mummy, he put glue in her hair!” because he accidentally got some of the wallpaper paste in my hair. She seems really excited about getting the baby’s room ready and has been such a star that I feel quite relaxed about the process of bringing the new baby home in a few weeks.



We’ve also been at the park near Nana’s house (which I have to say is amazing compared to what it was years ago when I was a child). Even though it was FREEZING cold today, we took Isabella’s bike and rode to the park before playing on everything at least once and chasing Nana. I love seeing how much pleasure the little things bring her – it’s not about how much you buy her but about the quality time you spend with her paying her attention.




Lastly, I’ve just loved the snuggles and love that I’ve had with my little girl this week. I really can’t wait for the next three weeks of work to finish so I can have some quality time with her again before the baby comes along.

LOVE this girlordinary







  1. Such lovely photos, sounds like you’ve had a great week. You are right about spending time with them, they have no idea how much things cost so a good few hours at the park is so precious to them! Good luck with getting everything ready for baby! xx #theordinarymoments

    • Ah thank you so much! Yes, they really don’t know the value of money at this age – although she would love to pick all the toys at the toy shop, they’d soon be forgotten and it would be the time that you spent together that she would remember. xx

  2. That dragon is awesome!!! I think Id run around like that too if I had created such a masterpiece haha I must say I am a little jeal of your lie ins, but you deffs deserve it at 35weeks! All the best

  3. Aw what a gorgeous set of photos of you both at the bottom. And it sounds like you have had a lovely but busy week. I love the dragon and that park looks lots of fun! 35 weeks- how exciting! x

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