Sit down and relax

As a mum to a messy toddler, I find that I have very little time to pamper myself these days; to be honest, sometimes I find it hard enough just to brush my hair, let alone do my make-up and paint my nails!   Now I’m back at work, this is even more apparent; I sit down to lunch with the rest of the staff and admire all the other ladies clothes, and nails and wonder if I’ll get the {Read More}

When thoughts turn to holidays…

With thoughts of going on our first holiday since Isabella was born, my thoughts have not turned to swimwear and armbands! I haven’t even booked the holiday yet but already I’m internet shopping/browsing to see what’s available and what I might need to buy to keep my toddler safe, especially if she’s going to swim.   The first thing I thought about was the sun suits you can buy; I don’t know about your little one but I can’t imagine {Read More}

My First BritMumsLive Experience 2013

I had heard of BritMumsLive before and had looked at it online but never thought I’d be able to go; partly because of cost and partly because I was a little scared to be in a room full of fabulous bloggers (I’m not going to lie!). However, I was incredibly lucky and managed to get sponsored (and cajoled) into going so a huge thank you to Koo-di for making this possible. I was lucky enough to be spotted by Koo-di {Read More}

If only I’d known … that it isn’t instant!

If only I’d know that the bond you have with your baby (you know that instant bond that everyone talks about before you give birth?) isn’t actually instant. When I gave birth to my gorgeous daughter 7 months ago at 21:09 The mix of emotions flooding through my system were incredible: excitement, nervousness, petrified, overjoyed, relief; you name it and I think I felt it. The thing that scared me the most before giving birth (apart from the pain of {Read More}

Can 10 Minutes Really Make A Difference?

To me, the answer is a resounding YES and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for my husband too. Now, 10 minutes may seem like nothing to you but to me and my little one, Isabella, it really does mean a lot. Why? Well, if my hubby manages to leave work just 10 minutes early, it means he can get home 15 or even 20 minutes earlier than normal (which on its own is a positive in my eyes). But {Read More}