Peter Pan Panto at The Wycombe Swan: Review

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Get right into the Christmas spirit with this year’s pantomime Peter Pan. Just take the ‘second star to the right, and straight on till morning’ and let yourself be transported into the wonderful world of magic.

As soon as you walk through the foyer, you’re met with the magical excitement from the families all around you. There’s a wonderful buzz about the place without the feeling of being overcrowded. Once you’ve grabbed your drink and snacks, you can make your way to your seats ready to be taken a land far away. With Jake Wood as Captain Hook, Jake Canuso as Mateo Starkey and Niki Evans as Mimi The Magical Mermaid, as well as some other fantastic actors, you will be transported to Neverland which will get you tapping your feet, booing and hissing at Captain Hook and laughing along with Smee and Mimi.

The staging, as ever at the Wycombe Swan was wonderful. The children (and adults) are always amazed at how remarkable the stage looks. The scenery changes were slick and made the show feel seamless. Add to this the wonderous, vibrant and upbeat singing and dancing and everyone was mesmerised.

My two loved feeling like they were part of the fairy-tale ‘waking up’ with Wendy during a storm to spy Peter Pan fly through the window. Knowing the story beforehand only added to the children’s delight as they joined Wendy and the other Darling children on their adventures to Neverland.

The introduction of Smee brought a smile to everyone’s face. Who doesn’t love Smee?! He got the whole audience shouting out and joining in; whenever he said “Ahoy Matey” you had to shout out “Ahoy there Smee”. This of course got all the kids screaming as loudly as they could.

There was no dame in this panto which was a little disappointing – I always find the dame makes the show, regardless of the main characters. Instead Mimi the Magical Mermaid took and Smee where used to hype up the audience. The children adored Mimi and thought she was utterly brilliant. I’m not sure if they missed the Dame character, but I think plenty of the adults noticed.

Panto wouldn’t be panto without the cringeworthy jokes, and there were plenty of those in this show too – many of which went completely over the younger ones’ heads but gave all the adults a good chuckle. Mateo Starkey was particularly funny interacting with the audience tying to get all the ladies to ‘call him’.

It has to be said the children’s favourite element of the show had to be the crocodile though. This was absolutely amazing and they were in awe from the second they saw him. The special effects give the impression that the croc comes right out over the front 2/3 rows of stalls seats and all the children scream. It’s fantastically done. It’s a real shame that you only got to see the croc once in the first half though. You only get the suggestion of the croc at the end of the play through sound effects.

Overall the show was a massive hit in our house. The children loved joining in with the singing and dancing at the end. It really has made it feel like Christmas. If you haven’t yet bought your tickets, there’s still time as Peter Pan is running through until Sunday 2nd January. You can get your tickets here! The approximate run time for this show is 2hrs (including a 20 minute interval).








  1. Kids shouldn’t be covering their faces they should enjoy a normal life imo. Otherwise amazing panto

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