Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks

Okay, so I’m not quite sure how I managed to get to 34 weeks – it’s really snuck up on me! My second pregnancy definitely seems to be whizzing by a lot faster than the first one. I guess I’m just a lot more pre-occupied with having a toddler and work (and blogigng of course) and I’m not obsessing with apps and books about what I should be expecting to happen on an hour-to-hour a day-to-day basis. In fact, I haven’t picked up a single book this time round, partly because I haven’t had time and partly because I haven’t felt the need. I have indulged a few times in some googling of where I am at in my pregnancy but it seems to go more in month by month patterns.

I remember last time taking weekly photos of my growing bump from 12 -40 weeks but this time round, I haven’t actually taken a single ‘bump shot’! I feel a little guilty about not paying this pregnancy as much attention but just don’t know where I’d find the time to do it all over again. I have got a ‘bump love’ pic of Isabella cuddling the baby if that counts???

Bump love

So I’m now feeling incredibly big, uncomfortable and incapable of moving anywhere quickly and having a toddler to run after doesn’t help. She of course wants me to play with her, like I usually would, and I’m now struggling to do this. Playing puzzles on the floor can sometimes end in me being completely stuck and calling for help as I have sciatica which can become so unbearable that I have literally had to crawl up the stairs. I do feel sorry for Isabella as although she tries to understand and be patient with me, at two years old, she doesn’t really appreciate why I say no sometimes.

[Quickly get’s husband to take bump pic]


To give her credit, Isabella is very aware and excited that Mummy is going to have a baby and she seems really pleased that soon we are going to bring a baby home to live with us. She often says that she loves the baby and will kiss and cuddle my tummy. I just hope that this excitement and love continues when baby does arrive.

I feel so much more tired this time round. With my first pregnancy I was able to nap when I needed to, especially on the weekends and just put my feet up and relax but this time round, there really is none of that. I feel like I am literally entertaining, cooking, playing and cleaning from 7am-7pm before tidying some more, planning lessons or marking for my teaching job and then sitting down at the end of the day so exhausted, I either fall asleep before 9pm or veg out in front of crap TV for an hour before crawling into bed. I’m not saying I’d change things as I’m pleased there won’t be a huge gap between them but being pregnant with a toddler is really tiring.

We don’t seem to be nearly as organised second time round either. For our daughter, who was due at the end of August, we had her nursery painted, cot ready and clothes washed (twice or maybe even three times) and ready by the April. This time round though, we’ve only just started to decorate the nursery and think about getting things back out the loft. We have the best of intentions of getting the nursery painted this weekend and getting the cot built and ready. I still need to buy a new mattress and sort out bedding and décor but I’m sure I can loose another hour or two looking for inspiration on Pinterest.

I am really excited but I’m also worried that I haven’t even started thinking about packing a hospital bag, buying nappies and reminding myself of all those newborn necessities that I need to get. My to do list is increasing constantly so I am going to start writing down weekly the things I’ve done and the things I need to do.

If anyone had any handy tips for pregnancy second time round, please share with a not so prepared mumma to one!







  1. The second pregnancy is so much different from the first isn’t it! So much more tiring, and you have so much less time to enjoy it too!

    • I can’t believe how different it has been. I’m just going to try and take these last few weeks in and enjoy what’s left of it! The calm before the storm I think 🙂

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