Tears Into Smiles

When the sun is finally shining bright
And your little toes wiggle in the gentle breeze
Running, jumping, climbing to the greatest height
Kicking balls, flying kites, digging in the fallen leaves

There’s a part of me always looking out for you
Silently wincing, flinching, cringing, as you take a small tumble.
Instead of keeping you wrapped up close, like my heart often tells me to
I stand aside while you discover your new limits telling me it’s ok to stumble.

However, there comes the time when you do fall far too hard
Your head whips around to find me, with panic in your eyes
I scoop you up in my arms, it has certainly caught you off guard
Tears streaking down your face, I try to sooth away your cries

When mummy-cuddles aren’t quite working
and you’re still feeling rather sad
Distraction is the key to quickly get you smirking
And if all else fails, there’s always plasters to be had!

I didn’t realise they held such a special healing power!
But each time you graze your hand or knee you tell me that they do
Even when you don’t need one, your melancholy eyes overpower.
Plaster’s on, your tears dissolve, a smile in its place. Phew!

Tears forgotten, scrape all fixed, it’s quickly back to playing
I’m back standing on the side-line just watching and waiting.
I’ll try to let you make your own mistakes but you will always hear me saying
“Be careful”, “watch out”, “not too high” – Sorry – Mum’s tend to be irritating!

I don’t know about you but I always try so hard to let the children get outside and play and explore – if they can’t try new things, they won’t ever learn. But it’s hard to always keep them safe and scrape free.

When ever my little ones fall and cut or graze themselves, the first thing I do is pick them up and cuddle them close. I guess part of it is because I can’t bear the thought of them hurting and I want to try and take the pain away somehow – the other reason is a mummy-cuddle (or daddy-cuddle) can cure lots of things.

I have to admit though, this superpower has it’s limits and if a quick cuddle and kiss aren’t working, my next step is to distract them with something. With my youngest, who is two, pointing at a bird, airplane or digger or something like that will often work. He will quite often stop within seconds and start talking about the item you have pointed out. This doesn’t however work with Isabella, now 4. Instead, I tend to ask her a question like “Who ate my last sweetie?” or something similar that she would find relatively amusing. Most of the time though this still isn’t quite enough to get her back up and playing. She’s a little bit of a drama queen.

There is one thing that will always work though. Plasters. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell her that plasters don’t actually stop the hurt, she is insistent that they do. As soon as she has a plaster on, she will get right back to playing again. I love the power of plasters!

And thanks to Elastoplast, we were sent some Frozen and Star Wars plasters, along with a hoopla to ensure out summer fun doesn’t get spoilt.
How do you turn your little one’s #TearsIntoSmiles ?




  1. Caroline Jane says:

    I love getting out in the garden with the kids- summer makes such a difference with our weather.

    • It does, doesn’t it. It’s such a shame that we’ve not got great weather at the moment. We are still getting out and about though.

  2. Oh I live the poem. Such true words.

  3. Jess Wright says:

    Why is it that plasters always make them feel better? saying that i remember being the same as a kid.

    • I know – me too 🙂 Something about them being visual and now with Frozen theme plasters… who could resist!

  4. Great post and thanks for taking part on behalf of BritMums

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