The ordinary moments

Isabella has always been a wriggler but over the last week especially, I’ve been popping in to her room more at night to see that her covers are still on at night as she wiggles so much. We’ve had a few big bumps on her head some nights as she has hit her head on a wall or headboard but she’s getting better. 

This weeks ordinary moments are dedicated to Isabella sleeping. She sometimes looks so sweet and there are other times where she is just in weird and wonderful sleeping positions – I haven’t managed to catch them all but here are a small selection from this week as well as a couple from the past just because. 






  1. Oh this is gorgeous and you will treasure these photos when she is older- which is exactly why I started this little project in the first place, to remember those moments that are so every day I might forget them. She has some funny sleeping positions bless her, both my girls are the same! x

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