The ordinary moments – playing with Daddy

Everything about a sunny Sunday makes me smile. Today we went for lunch at my parents’ house but before we got there we stopped of at the park; it was Benjamin and Daddy’s first trip to this park and we had an absolutely brilliant time.

I really love how brave my big girl is getting – she really wants to climb everything and try out all the equipment even if it’s meant for the older children  (or should I say especially if it’s for the older children!)



Poor Benjamin slept through the whole visit though! 



Isabella would LOVE to be able to do the monkey bars all by herself.






Isabella especially liked pushing Daddy and making him feel a little sick.

mummy daddy me


  1. Aw she looks like a right little daredevil! I love the photo of them when she is smiling and playing and he is fast asleep in his chair. So cute. You definitely can’t beat a sunny park at the weekend- we do this often. x

  2. My Kitty is also convinced that she can do “the monkey bars of doom” – although she too needs a little Daddy help to get across – it’s a lovely thing that they have just the two of them and it sounds like Isabella has just as much fun with her Daddy too!

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