The Ordinary Moments 08.03.15

We have been doing a lot of park walks and soft play adventures over the past few weeks but sometimes just chilling out at home is what’s needed. This week we had a friend pop by to borrow a couple of bits and enjoy a cuppa and a hot cross bun and Isabella was excited that she got to spend some time with her little friend.   I just love how excited she is to be close to a baby and {Read More}

Ordinary Moments

This week we’ve been busy at home trying to get the nursery finished as I’m now 36 weeks pregnant. I just worry that if we don’t get it done soon, baby will arrive and then we will never get time to actually finish it! So the hubby has been hard at work and Isabella has been helping out when she can. The weather has been so on and off as well that we’ve been doing a lot of drawing and {Read More}

Ordinary Moments #2 (8/52)

So this weeks has been full of seeing people and doing things because it’s been half term and I’ve been off work which has been blissful. I have really cherished this half term because, being 35 weeks pregnant, I am really beginning to get exhausted and the half term has meant I can have a few cheeky lie-ins (until 8am one day)… now that’s what I call a treat with a toddler. We always love crafting so it is pretty {Read More}

The ordinary moments #1

  So lots of things that get recorded as your child grows up are the milestones, the big things that happen: crawling, walking, first teeth, first word etc. I actually sometimes think it’s the smaller things that make me smile more though, those ordinary moments that create memories of my little one’s growing personality (and she’s certainly growing one!). I started recording the things she likes and the funny things she said in cards so we could look back over {Read More}