Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

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Most of the mummies and daddies I talk to about their babies and toddlers have lots in common but I think one of the hardest things we as parents all have in common and struggle to deal with is the lack of sleep; I mean it is actually torturous some nights (or weeks!)

I thought toughest time was the beginning when I was up every 3 hours throughout the night to feed my little one. However, on reflection, it wasn’t too horrendous – I could almost sleep though feeding and as soon as I lay Isabella back down, she’d fall peacefully back to sleep. Long gone are those days!

We then moved on to the nights were Isabella would wake and not really know why; she didn’t want milk or to be held, it was just a habit of waking up so we ‘broke that habit’ by letting her ‘cry it out’. What she didn’t realise was that we were almost crying along with her!

Once that cycle had ended and we had some sort of sleep routine again we began to feel the worst was over. Months passed and we had well and truly been suckedered into believing we had cracked it; we were finally getting a peaceful night’s sleep when suddenly the 18 month sleep regression hit us, slap bang in the face!

“Why is she screaming?”, “What’s wrong with her?” “What is this regression thingy you’re talking about?” We couldn’t see anything that was wrong. Isabella just wanted some company; as soon as we went into the room, she was happy and settled. She tricked us into believing she was asleep. We would tiptoe back into our room and slide into the bed, now cold, and just as our heads would hit the pillow… she screamed again!

I didn’t know there was such a thing as the 18 month sleep regression and almost scoffed at what others were saying. But now we’ve been left sleepless and haggard for the past three weeks, I nod my head levofloxacin 500mg (and tilt it sideways) in empathy with those of you who are in the same boat. We can moan and whinge to each other to share our pain!

So apart from united whinging (which I really do think helps!) what can we do? We have tried a couple of things – the first is investing in really good memory foam pillows so we get as restful a night as we can! I pinched my husband’s memory foam pillow when I was pregnant and never gave it back so I bought him one the other week too. They really help me to get comfortable and fall asleep quickly.

Next we purchased a toddler clock to help Isabella identify when it’s night and morning. She’s only 18 months old and so many people have told us it’s too soon for this but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. She knows her colours and the sun and moon so we have use this to help explain the difference. It’s early days but she does know the difference between the two and we have gone from a 5am wake up call to 6:10!

We also want to invest in a decent mattress – after sleeping on a friends memory foam mattress, ours feels like its springs are all on their last legs. Now we can’t afford a complete memory foam mattress so we are saving to buy a memory foam mattress topper for maximum comfort without spending a fortune. If you want to see some of the options available, take a look at the bedding company.

My final tip – if all else fails (and I really mean it) I bring her into our bed. Yes, I said it. Even though before becoming aphoto 2 parent I swore I’d never share my bed, sometimes it’s the only way for anyone to get some sleep in order to be able to function normally.

If you are struggling with the lack of sleep, please share your handy hints and tips.
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