Different idea for New Year’s Eve: big houses to rent

When you’re a parent, it can sometimes be hard to find people to look after the children for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve. And even if you can, it usually costs a small fortune to do so. Which is why I’ve been researching different options for this New Year’s Eve.

Ever considered hiring a house?

The idea that stands out to me the most would be hiring a large place to stay and getting all your friends and family to come with you. You can find big houses to rent really easily and you can select the amount of people you are looking to share with along with the location you’re looking to stay in. I’ve been looking through partyhouses.co.uk and they have so many options, I’m confident we will be able to find something.

We would want to keep things relatively local to us so we’ve been scoping out the South East destinations available. There are several different types of house to choose from varying from full on estates which sleep up to 63 guests, manor houses which sleep up to 30 guests, party houses and even a yacht!

While I’d love to spend a few nights with good friends on a yacht, I have a feeling a house might be more suitable for this sort of family friendly weekend. So with most of our friends having 1 or 2 children, we were thinking about getting a house for about 30 people. We’d spend the days walking and planning family activities and once all the children were asleep, we’d enjoy letting our hair down, eat good food, drink a little and spend New Year’s Eve in the company of other adults, not just the two of us.

What we’re looking for!

I was actually quite surprised to see how many houses locally to us are available for such occasions. Because there’s so much choice, you can be quite picky about what you’re after. We would ideally look for a house with a couple of children’s room full of bunk-beds so all the children could be all together and they’d feel like they were having a special treat too.  We don’t just want great sleeping arrangements though, we’d look for somewhere with an indoor swimming pool, spacious private garden and a games room. If we could get something like this, we’d all be able to enjoy a short break with the family and a couple of fun filled evening with friends.

Because these sorts of houses are self-catering, you can cook as much or as little as you like and go at your own pace. You can bring food with you or order in depending on your preferences so you know your little ones will eat too. I always find the most stressful part about going away with large groups, the eating arrangements. But with these large houses, you could eat what and whenever you liked taking all the pressure and stress off the situation. Leaving you and your friends to be able to relax and enjoy your mini break away.

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