Dinosaur World Live : Review

Looking for a Roar-some day out? Yesterday, we were lucky enough to experience Dinosaur World Live at Wembley Park Theatre and we loved it. Dinosaur World Live is an immersive, interactive show for the whole family to enjoy. It’s aimed at children 3+ and even my 4 year old was a little frightened at times.

Once you’re in the theatre, immerse yourself in the journey and learn all about some of the wonderfully life-like dinosaurs. During the 50 minute show, you will meet Juliet the Segnosaurus, a super cute baby Triceratops as well as Brutus the larger Triceratops, a Giraffatitan, Microraptor and of course the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex. All the dinosaurs are impressive and so realistic. As an adult, I was amazed at the ‘costumes’; the dinosaurs were truly fantastic and the children were transfixed – they totally forgot the dinosaurs were puppets.

Interactive Show

The show itself was done really well as an interactive show. You had your explorer, Miranda, who lived on a remote island, talking you through all things dinosaur. She was wonderfully enthusiastic and energetic and really captured the little one’s attention. After each dinosaur made their debut, a child was chosen to go and stroke, brush or feed them which was great for those few who were picked.

I don’t really know what I was expecting from the show, but this was very cleverly put together. Personally, I would have liked to have seen the dinosaurs a little longer or on stage together but due to their size, I don’t think this would have been possible. I think I had it in my mind that there would be more of a narrative but I think the interactive element meant you couldn’t really have much of a story with the dinosaurs. The narrative came more from Miranda.

I think it’s safe to say that Titus the Tyrannosaurus stole the show. He was huge and magnificent with an enormous carnivorous roar and at times he sounds quite ferocious. The lights, music and smoke all added to the terrifying impact of this magnificent beast and it’s at this point in the show I had to remind the children that they were just puppets. While having a cuddle the children felt brave and were able to scream at Titus so he would go back to his cage.

Kids are involved throughout

Throughout the show you are asked, much like at a pantomime, to shout at Miranda if the Giraffatitan egg wobbles. This had all the children screaming and shouting at various points during the show and at the very end, a sweet little baby is born. Mummy Giraffitian pokes her head on stage and it’s a lovely moment in which to end the show.

We were super lucky and at the end of the show, we were able to meet Juliet the Segnosaurus up close. I wasn’t too sure if Benjamin was going to but he did. The whole experience was awesome and it’s definitely something the children won’t forget.

If you enjoyed this dino-tastic trip, have a look and see which dinosaurs we met at Paradise Wildlife Park too.


  1. This was such a great spectacle and your review really does it justice, well done.


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