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Over Father’s Day weekends, we were lucky enough to be invited to stay over at Somerset Yurts in Taunton by Emma and Mark. I was excited from the outset but Ed needed a little more convincing. Having had a couple of less than desirable camping experiences in the past, he wasn’t overly keen on trying again with the kids.

However, after a little persuasion and a compromise (we asked if we could stay in one of the two safari lodges instead of a yurt), we were booked in and couldn’t wait for our adventure to begin. What I was most excited about was letting the kids run free in the fresh air and having the whole family together to enjoy each other.

Getting There

Aside from getting stuck in traffic on the Friday after school (it’s almost inevitable), the journey into Taunton was lovely and the views were pretty special too. Due to the unforeseen delay, we decided to stop off at the services to eat dinner on that first night so we could just arrive and get straight to relaxing. We got to Somerset Yurts at about 6:30pm and the sun was shining. We couldn’t wait to explore a little – we even bumped into the lovely Emily and Nige from Twin Mummy & Daddy and DIY Nige with their two gorgeous girls.

Having unpacked the car and taken a tour of the accommodation, the kids couldn’t wait to play. Ed and I sat and had a cuppa on the large undercover veranda and the children ran, skipped, hopped and danced around the safari tent for hours. As the weather wasn’t predicting sunshine for the weekend, we decided to let the children make the most of the weather and expel their frenetic energy by playing outside until about 9pm. It was so calming and peaceful that we didn’t really want to go to bed!

We finally got the children off to sleep and Ed and I snuggled up on the sofa (double day bed) in the living area and watched the wood-burner crackle and fizz with a warm cuppa before we headed to bed ourselves.

What’s to Love?

The Safari Lodge itself is amazing. As far as glamping goes, these Safari Lodges are incredible. I think the thing that surprised me the most was the size and space you got with the lodge. You can comfortably sleep 6 in a lodge; there are two bedrooms: a double and one with bunkbeds and the double day bed in the living area. The beds are wonderfully comfortable and with extra blankets, you can keep toasty and warm.

As well as being wonderfully spacious, the Safari Lodges also boast a well equipped kitchen (with fridge, ceramic hob, kettle and toaster as well as all the utensils you might need on your stay), and most impressive, your own private bathroom with hot shower and flushing loo. Having read the instruction book, we worried a little that there wouldn’t be enough hot water for showers for all four of us, but we were pleasantly surprised. The water was lovely and hot and the shower was powerful too.

Love the wood-burner

Everyone enjoyed sitting round the wood-burner watching it crackling and it was amazing the amount of heat it through out too.

Amazingly, the weather seemed to hold during the day and we enjoyed a glorious weekend outside. After exploring the town and local walks, we probably spent most of our waking time on the veranda and the picnic bench outside as it was a lovely little sun spot. I could have honestly sat admiring the views for days without getting bored.

On Saturday late afternoon, the cows came rambling into the field opposite the Safari Lodges. The children went absolutely wild with excitement and couldn’t believe how many cows there were so close to us. The children really loved having the cows visit us and loved asking questions about them too. There are around 150 cows on the working dairy farm spread out across about 250 acres. When we spoke with Mark and Emma, they told us that the cows are on a rotating grazing schedule and move to a fresh patch of grass daily over a 21 day course. So we were actually so lucky to see the cows to close to the Safari Lodge while we were there.

What else is there to do?

Aside from relaxing in the country air of Somerset Yurts, there’s plenty for you to do and explore. We decided to take a walk across the fields and down to Hestercombe Gardens. Here we were able to see a collection of gardens all beautifully manicured and maintained with absolutely breathtaking views. There are three gardens; Coplestone’s Warre Bampfyld’s Georgian landscape garden, the Victorian terrace and shrubbery and the Edwardian garden. Not only are the gardens a delight to explore, the walk down to them was equally enjoyable. We meandered through woodland and stumbled across huts and waterfalls. It was picturesque.

In the afternoon, we drove into Taunton and visited the Museum of Somerset. Just outside the museum was a local fair too. There was so much to see and do so we also stopped off for a cheeky ice cream before heading back to the Safari Lodge to get the BBQ started.

After munching our dinner with the cows, we decided to make the most of the still glorious weather and we made use of one of the camp fire sites. We sat and roasted marshmallows and played games around the fire before getting the kids washed and ready for bed. Just as they were inside the Safari Lodge, the heavens opened and we had a few hours of torrential rain. Although this was quite spectacular to listen to, you wouldn’t have known it was raining from inside. With the fire blazing, the kids in bed and the beers in hand, Ed and I sat relaxing with our books before heading off to bed.

Our final morning

Before heading off, Emma asked us if the children would like to meet the calves and see them having their milk. Of course we jumped at the chance and wondered off down the lane a little to visit them. The children loved seeing the cows being fed and they also got to meet a couple of piggies too. Blue and Flora were the favourites. I think Emma is looking at possibly getting a few other animals to add to the mini farm for visitors to come and see too.

Overall I cannot express how much fun we had while at Somerset Yurts. The whole glamping experience was so much fun and Mark and Emma will do anything they can to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Nothing was too much trouble. The children are already asking me when we can go back and if we can stay longer than 2 nights, so I know this has been a huge hit with them. But even Ed really enjoyed himself and agreed he’d even do it again too! A truly wonderful weekend spent with the family away from work and devices.!

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