Go Ape Nets Kingdom : Review

If you and your little ones love adventure, you are going to love Nets Kingdom. We went to have a play and test out the nets at Black Park a couple of weeks ago and – spoiler alert – WE LOVED IT!!!

I have always loved activities like Go Ape (I even did this as park of my hen do!) and I’ve been waiting for a time that I can share these moments with my kids too. So now the children are 4 and 6, I thought it was the perfect time to see how they fared up in the trees too. Although younger children are allowed to climb and play at Nets Kingdom, I think they could find some of it a little too tricky. I think Benjamin, at 4 was really able to get the most out of the day and Isabella at 6 loved having a bit of independence and going off on the nets, making new friends.

What to expect

As you arrive, you have to listen to a safety talk to ensure you get the most out of your time on the nets. You also have to tie all hair back and tape any rings up that you are wearing in-case they get caught in the nets. As soon as we were in the park, we made our way up the nets to explore. I have to say, it was actually harder than you first think, especially to get your balance at the bottom. Isabella and Benjamin managed to scale the nets with ease (although Benjamin’s little legs got quite tired by the top).

Once at the top, we split up and I took Benjamin around the tree course one way and Ed took Isabella round the other way – we raced around to see who could win and enjoyed a quick hi-five on the way past each other. I really loved all the little cabins/huts around the course with all the trees growing through them.

Balls Balls Balls

I think the children’s favourite park of Nets Kingdom was the giant balls area. There were 6 or so large orange and red balls that you could roll around on and push around and generally mess about with. This seemed a very popular part of the nets so finding a time when they weren’t hugely busy with bigger kids was sometimes tricky. We did manage it a few times though and the kids even had fun rolling the balls over me.

There is a smaller ball area aimed at the younger children but to be honest, my two preferred the larger balls. This area would be perfect for small children who were a little unsure about the nets though.

Being adventurous

There is a slide of sorts you can go down but to be honest, I’d leave this to the kids – adults are probably a little too big and heavy and you don’t really slide down it. Rather you plod down it and have to shuffle out. Instead of going down the slide again, the children decided to try and roll down the long net we initially climbed up. They had so much fun rolling around and bouncing down the net.

Overall we had such a fantastic couple of hours at Nets Kingdom and would highly recommend this as a fun family activity especially as the better weather is coming. If you want to find out more, you can head over to their website and see when the next available slot is for your visit.



  1. We went at the weekend and the kids loved it. Unfortunately, the giant balls have been temporarily removed.

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