Snow White Panto is here … Oh no it isn’t … Oh Yes it is!

If you are looking for a fantastic family outing over the festive period, look no further than the ‘fairest panto in the land’, Snow White. With a truly wonderful cast (including Brendan Cole), amazing set and witty humour for the entire family to enjoy, you won’t be left disappointed.

The magic begins as soon as you enter the Wycombe Swan theatre. The stage is set beautifully and sparkles and dazzles you as you prepare to be transported to a magical world of songs, dancing, laughter, romance and of course, evil too.

This superb, traditional pantomime had the whole family singing and foot tapping along the whole way and the adults were laughing throughout too. Unlike other pantos I’ve been to where the comedy was a little too forced, the jokes and adult humour were done perfectly. The Dame (Jason Sutton) as Nurse Nancy was amazing and even though there was a slight crumbly moment over a biscuit joke, it just made the moment even funnier and had the whole audience in stitches.

The plot stays close to the traditional story line of the fairy tale so you will be able to follow along without worry but there are a few additional elements to add to your enjoyment. The addition of Dave the dinosaur was perfect for my three year old who is dinosaur obsessed. Some of you may wonder how on earth a dinosaur fits into the show but it works seamlessly alongside ventriloquist Muddles (Kieran Powell) and his quest for love.

The part of the magic mirror was portrayed really well and Mandy Muden’s deliberate failure to rhyme any of her lines to keep up with the evil queen’s bewitching rhyme helped the audience to relate to her more and root for her too. Isabella loved the sparkle the mirror brought to the show and I also enjoyed how the magic mirror wasn’t simply a voice from backstage but a person.

I really thought that Isabella’s favourite character would have been Snow White herself – if you know Isabella at all, you’ll know she loves her a princess. However, she actually really enjoyed the sarcastic and slightly over the top performance of the evil witch by Natalie Spriggs. With some fun costumes and fantastic songs, and witch-like cackle, she sure captured Isabella’s imagination.

As well as brilliantly cast characters, the set was fantastic too. It sparkled and shined and added a touch of fear too as we were led deep into the forest. The magic and spectacular sights made some people jump but for us this definitely added to the magic of the show.

I won’t spoil the show for those of you who wish to see it – and there’s still time! But this has been my favourite pantomime I’ve ever seen. You can book your tickets to see the wonderful Snow White right up until the 30th December here.

We were so lucky to be invited to meet the tremendous cast after the show and they were just as delightful off stage as they were on stage. I really can’t recommend this panto more. Enjoy every second when you go and have a Merry Christmas too!

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