Accessories That Keep Your Kids Safe At The Beach

As it’s now officially the summertime, you have probably been racking your brains over what fun things you can do with your kids now that the weather is good. And you have most likely been thinking about going to the beach, and that’s a brilliant choice. Beaches are a great way to spend the day when the sun is shining because it caters to everyone. There’s soft sand to lie on, blue water to cool yourself off with, and an accessible amount of ice cream that is calling your name. Oh, and the kids love it too!

Stress relief

There’s no better way to relieve yourself from any pent-up stress that’s been accumulating within yourself from work, than by relaxing on the beach with the ones that you love. Stress is one of those niggling issues that can put a dampener on anything. So to be able to release all of that will do wonders for your body and mind. The same for children – blowing off steam by running around in the sand, playing in the shallow sea, and building sandcastles will take them away from any worries they may have about school. Now is the time to enjoy.

Having said that, there are a few things that may start worrying you. Because the beach is such a big open space for your children, you want to make sure they stay safe. So that you have the best time, here is a list of accessories for your little ones so you have peace of mind.

Sun hat

You’re going to want to try and keep your kids in the shade if it starts to get really hot. The idea of the getting sunstroke is not something you want to think about. Sunstroke is essentially something you get from being out in the hot sun for too long. It will start to make you feel drowsy, and maybe even a little sick and dizzy. As well as having a bad headache, it can ruin a whole day out. The only real cure is to lie down somewhere cool and sleep it off. But trying to keep your little ones sitting under a parasol isn’t going to be easy, especially if they want to get up and move around. This is why the sun hat was created. Better yet, if you shop with My Little Duckling, you will have a whole collection to look through, with designs catering to your child’s very own unique style.

Float jacket

Regardless of whether your child can swim or not, if they’re still rather young, then one of the best things you can have, is a float jacket. This is something they put on, essentially just like you would do with a jacket. It looks similar to a waistcoat, but it floats. Before this, we used to use armbands, and while they still do the job – they’re annoying. They annoy your children because they get in the way and can be uncomfortable at times. With the float jacket, your kids can keep it on all the time without even realising they’re wearing it. So they can play along the shore, and you don’t need to worry about putting their armbands on like a ninja anymore.

Aqua shoes

Sometimes if the weather is really hot, the sand can feel as though it has turned into lava that burns the soles of your feet, making it impossible to walk around barefoot. But this will become a nightmare for your kids because they’ll want to play regardless. But there is a solution for this – aqua shoes. These are super lightweight, but cover the feet so they aren’t exposed, and better yet, they’re made for the water too, so they can keep them on for the whole day, plus they won’t have to worry about that horrible sensation of sand between the toes. It’s also good for protecting the feet in case there are any sharp objects lying around on the seabed or across the sand, like shells or rocks.

Now you know the best accessories for keeping your child safe, make sure you’ve got them packed in your beach bag. And don’t forget sun cream – this is a godsend and will keep you all from burning, so make sure you cover yourselves in it.

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