Baby and Toddler Travelling – Expert Tips for Travel Mamas

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Finally! The moment has come! You’ve been working hard all year long, and now, it’s time for some relaxation. You’ve decided to travel with your kids. But the last time you went on vacation, you remember that it wasn’t that fun. You’ve dealt with sickness on the road, crying, missed flights, late packing, car blowouts, you name it. After travelling with your baby, you’ve understood that it’s more complicated than it looks. But eventually, it’s all been okay – it’s hard to remember, but it all passed. Now, you must ensure you’re going to have a relaxed travelling and vacation, no matter what. 

If you’re reading this, it’s for sure because you value travelling with your family, and honestly, it’s worth it. Babies love to travel with their parents; they’re always happiest when meeting other people and seeing new places. Keep reading the following article for tips & experiences, a packing list, and so on. But remember: what worked for some might not work for everyone, but this is how you should prepare to travel with a baby under one year old. 

Travelling Around the World with Your Baby 

Women are most concerned when they’re about to have a baby. They won’t stop worrying about the effects on their social life, sleep schedule, private life, and so on. But it seems that their main concern is how having a baby would affect their travelling. Most of them have always heard people saying that getting travel done now is recommended because once that baby comes, they won’t be able to enjoy life like they used to.

Whatever, ignore the cynics – it’s much possible to enjoy an excellent travelling life after having children. While indeed, it demands a lot of planning, you can take your baby to exceptionally child-friendly locations while you continue enjoying vacations like before. Here’s a piece of advice to travel with a baby while maintaining your sanity unbroken. 

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! 

While a simple walk in the park with your baby requires no more than 15 minutes of preparation and packing, a lengthy trip requires serious preparation. Obviously, make a list and check it twice. However, do not bring a lot of baby gear. The less, the better! Pack as light as possible, but make sure that each piece of clothing item pairs with another one. Take a maximum of two pairs of shoes, and forget about the “what if’s?” – you can buy stuff at your destination if needed. You shouldn’t travel with a lifetime supply of diapers, clothing items, toys, etc. Travel with enough stuff to get you to your destination, and maybe a day or two after your arrival. 

It’s an understandable temptation to overpack stuff, but everything extra won’t be used. Figure out what baby clothes you’re good without, and have the rest packed nicely. Everything from toys, chairs, tents can be waiting for you at your destination if you use a shipping service, or order them ahead at your final destination. You’ll see that packing is a million times easier if you just consider what you need, not the extras. And your children will be excited to have new things to play with, too. 

Choosing a Baby Car Seat 

It is vital to buy a baby car seat before your baby is born, if possible. Purchasing a car seat that fits your vehicle is necessary for a newborn. You will always need a car seat to drive your baby safely, wherever you’re going. When choosing a car seat, it’s recommended to try a few before deciding. Try to find a reliable retailer who could help you with this. Most car manufacturers have online guides about which vehicles their seats will fit in perfectly. Be sure to choose a baby car seat that’s right for your baby’s current weight and age. 

It is essential to buy a new car seat to avoid buying second hand; they could be damaged. Also, it may not be the safest or fit your car correctly. It is dangerous and illegal to travel with a baby seat in a passenger’s seat with an active airbag. It’s safer to travel in the back of the car, in a car seat. 

Using a baby car seat:

  • Put the baby in the car seat from the pavement side of the car.
  • Make sure you securely strap the baby car seat, according to the retailer’s manual.
  • When purchasing the baby car seat, ask the staff members to demonstrate how to strap your baby securely.
  • Use the best car seat that your baby fits into it, as it must offer 100% better protection in case of a collision.

A car seat is one of the most important things you need to purchase for your child, so make sure you take the necessary time to choose the right one. Baby car seats in the UK are tested and approved; all you need is to pick the best one for your specific needs. As a parent, you have the responsibility to ensure that your baby is safe all the time. 

Keep Your Newborn Well-Rested Before You Travel

If the baby is well-rested before travelling, you’re going to enjoy a smooth trip. You’ll see what a difference it makes. In the week before travel, prepare a newborn sleep schedule, and you’ll have an angel with you in the car. But don’t deviate from the routine at all, if possible. Of course, it’s not guaranteed that your baby will sleep the entire road trip, but hopefully, this tip will help your baby sleep on vacation. Travelling with your baby before their sleep schedule will make your whole journey a lot easier. 

It’s understandable: vacations are for going out for late parties, dinners, cocktails, and so on. But this is just for a short while in our lives. Once you have a baby, you need to balance your old habits with your new responsibilities regarding the infant. Plus, there are real benefits when travelling with newborns: they can’t run anywhere, sleep a lot, and are lightweight, making it easier for parents to carry them. And everybody loves them!  

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