Bucket List destinations

Do you have a bucket list of destinations you would love to visit? We’ve got a few on our bucket list that we’d love to get ticked off in the not so distant future and Goa and Singapore are just two of the places we’d love to start exploring.

When it comes to holidays, there’s a certain amount of relaxation that we would like to do so making sure there’s a gorgeous beach is quite high on the list of attractions for us but we also love looking around national parks and more secluded markets. So if we were to go to Goa, here are out top must see destinations. If you are like us and wish to travel around Goa, you might need to plan some flights or trains – Cleartrip have some great opportunities for finding deals to travel and for finding the perfect Goa hotels.

Agonda Beach

In South Goa, Agonda Beach is a simply stunning and isolated stretch of sand which is lined by palm groves. With the tranquillity and quiet along with the picturesque scenery, this is a beach well worth a visit. Looking at this beach makes me crave the sand under my toes for sure.

Young woman in the traditional punjabi dress on Agonda beach. South Goa, India

Dudhsagar Falls

If you love getting out and exploring, then Dudhsagar Falls is a magnificent (and India’s tallest and most powerful) waterfall just on the Goa-Karnataka border which is well worth a visit. You can enjoy the spectacular sight from a train or you can trek to the base of the falls if you’d prefer walking through the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. We’d love to trek but I’m not sure the children would manage this one. Even if you decide to go by car, be prepared for a bumpy hour long journey.

Anjuna  Market

Visiting North Goa I would love to see lots of colour and tradition so making a trip to the Anjuna flea market would be pretty special. There are more than 500 stalls which selling a variety of handmade items; from jewellery and crafts to clothing and artefacts. There are plenty of food stalls so you can taste the local cuisine as well as listen to the bands playing as you wonder around the market. It was started in the 1960s and is now a landmark in Goa.

Goa, India – January 2008 – Tourists and local traders at the famous weekly flea market in Anjuna, Goa

The Cabo de Rama Fort

Again, in South Goa, the The Cabo de Rama Fort is another place that we would love to visit. Alongside the history of the fort, it’s also located between two gorgeous beaches so would make a perfect day out. You can admire the picturesque scenery from the upper part of the fort and can enjoy a few hours wondering around the ruins and soaking up the history of this extraordinary place.


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