Christmas Holidays: How to Secure Your Car for Long Term Parking

Long term parking is considered by many to be a necessary evil. It occurs when you, for example, leave a car at an airport car park before flying home for Christmas. Still, no matter the event, when you’re leaving your car unattended for long periods of time, worry and anxiety can settle in when festive cheer should be in full swing instead.

Consequently, any effort to banish those fears is worth it. Here’s how to secure your car for long term parking over Christmas.

Empty the Car

While there’s very little you can do to ensure your car doesn’t get damaged at all, one thing you can prevent is theft of your belongings. Don’t leave any valuables inside your vehicle. Phones, chargers, wallets, books, money, laptops; remove any objects you care about from the vehicle. This’ll give you perhaps six or seven less things to worry about, which may soothe your nerves somewhat.

Of course, this doesn’t do much to ease your worries about the car itself. That said, without all the things inside it, you can now think of it as more of a shell than a representative chunk of your life. Moreover, should a thief stroll up and discover that there’s nothing to steal inside, they may just not smash your window and move along, keeping your car somewhat secure.

Strategic Parking

Obviously, criminals want to commit their atrocious acts in secret. The more secluded an area, the better, so make sure that any of your long-term parking is taking place in a popular and busy area. If there’s constantly people coming and going and always a pair of eyes scanning the area, your chances of your vehicle being secure go up drastically.

If you’re parking in a public space, chances are CCTV is knocking around somewhere. Park in full view of it. After all, burglars have gone on record stating that CCTV is one of their major put offs, not Christmas cheer. Consequently, park in full view of any camera onsite. This may give you an extra layer of security against those wanting to steal or damage your vehicle in any way. 

Aim for the Indoors

If you’re away to celebrate Christmas, then chances are you’ll be worrying about more than the odd thief stalking the parking area. You may be worrying an unhealthy amount about the winter weather too. You may start to obsessively ask yourself questions like; are storms coming in? Is a big build up of snow and frost going to affect the car?

Well, if you secure long term parking in an indoors facility, you can avoid all these worries. Additionally, there may be security staff and password encoded gates to secure your vehicle too. After all, cars are a big investment and they cannot afford to be damaged or stolen, especially if acquired through a generous service like AA car financing at the last minute. Protect your vehicle this Christmas by undertaking long term parking indoors!


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