Don’t Panic! Holiday Tips for New Mums

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It’s getting to that time when you’ll be thinking about booking your summer holidays, but what if you’ve just had a child or have decided to take your little one away for the first time? It adds a whole new dynamic to your planning and can be a little bit daunting.

Where to start? Don’t worry, check out these first-time tips for your next getaway.

Safety First

There’s no chance you’ll be able to enjoy your trip away unless you know your baby is safe, so plan properly to ensure you can enjoy the trip fully (whilst keeping an eye out!).

Make sure vaccinations are up to date, especially if you’re jetting off to somewhere more exotic. Take a small first-aid kit and any specific medicines your little one may need. You can never have enough sun cream: make sure you’ve got the best stuff for your child and don’t risk any lower than SPF 50 for their first trip.

Look into the security of your accommodation when booking. Some resorts will have pools fully sealed off from the street and some won’t. From this, pick what makes you most comfortable.

Finally, make sure you have all the correct travel documentation ready, including birth certificates. It’s not always made clear you need to bring them and definitely not worth the risk of leaving them behind.

Short & Sweet

For a first trip, the shorter the better.

Travel times are best kept to a minimum: no more than a short European flight. Make sure you’re fully stocked with travel entertainment to keep stress levels low and bring along a few home comforts, so your little one has something familiar.

Have a contingency plan in mind for delays and other logistical issues that can use up a few hours if required.

Finally, a shorter overall holiday to avoid homesickness is probably best. The best holidays with kids are usually enjoyed across an entertainment packed week.

Word on the Street

Perhaps you have others in your peer group who have been in a similar situation to you not too long ago.

Speak to other new parents, even if they haven’t been abroad, to see if there’s something you’ve missed. Fellow mums who have been there are done it are invaluable for advice.


Finally, try to relax and have a good time! You will have done all the hard work up front so now is the time to have some new mummy and baby time in the best environment possible. Don’t forget, a good sense of humour always goes a long way too!

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